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Vocational rehabilitation is about finding a job, keeping a job and all the steps that lead up to employment.
The Arc's Work Activity Program (WAP) is a shelterd workshop, called Southeast Industries, which provides vocational training and counseling to adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.
Consumers work together in cooperative groups under the direction of a Staff Supervisor to complete a wide range of jobs by the specified timetable.
While Consumers enrolled in the Work Activity Program do not have a preset limit on how long they can work at Arc Southeast Industries, many prefer to use the experience as training for future employment in the community through the Supported Employment Program.
In addition to job-site training, job coaching includes related assessment, job development, counseling, advocacy, travel training and other services needed to maintain the employment.

APSE (Association for Persons in Supported Employment) which is a professional organization that is innovative and makes positive changes for the people we job coach.
The Arc’s Vocational Services Department consists of Director, Case Managers, Employment Preparation Trainers, Job Coaches and Job Developers.
Employment Preparation Program Consumers who are hired in the community transfer over to our Supported Employment Program where they receive on the job training from their Job Coach. Once the match has been made and a person is hired, a job coach is sent to train and assist both the person hired and the new employer.
Laws of attraction, a single of them is named the job coach training Law of Harmony and tangible manifestation, the Law of Manifestation.

Training is provided both on site and in the community and when the individual is ready, the job search begins!
The Work Activity Program offers a positive social environment to aid in developing social skills as well as job skills.

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