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Both you and your supervisor will receive an automated email notification regarding your timesheet submission. The data from the reports revealed that projects for this client were taking, on average, 50% more hours. The additional hours were tying up our resources and diluting our profits.We reviewed the data with our client and negotiated a higher rate for future projects. No one would have been sad if we fired this client.We ran a report calculating the percentage of tasks closed on or after their due date.
We presented this data to the client and proposed a rush fee for all work to be completed within a certain time frame.
Sign up for project management software, like our own Intervals, that will enable you to track your time and manage your tasks. This new process meant fewer hours trying to conjure up a detailed scope for a project they had difficulty envisioning in the first place. We planned for the project to iterate through four sprints, each one being two-weeks long, for a total of 8 weeks. Fifty-five different agencies worked for twenty-two months on a site that underwent two weeks of testing right before it launched (source). Like any other web design agency, we would approach each project from a high level and sequential approach. Whatever vision we and the client had created during those initial meetings was always compromised by the realities we encountered midstream.Why Scrum is the best choice for building web sitesDeveloping a web site almost never goes exactly as planned. In other words, Scrum allowed us to fail faster, giving us more time to resolve failures and move on.
If you do decide to bill for this time, you can run a report separately, or edit the time and set it back to billable. The task itself contains a chronology of task updates along with the amount of time spent.This approach works in this scenario because there is no added benefit to managing the project with more granular tasks. Some agencies will use one new task each week, while others might use one task for all weeks in a given month or year. When coupled with time tracking software we can gain highly useful metrics on retainer projects.
The method you choose will depend entirely on your projects and preferred style of workflow.
Either way, we underestimate tasks on a regular basis.When estimating a project with our design and development team we would work through the estimate one feature at a time. More advanced time tracking software will break down each project so you can see where exactly the overages occurred.
This video introduces several of the import views into projects including the project listing, project profile, project dashboard and more. Whether you are one of the companies using Intervals, or just thinking about taking Intervals out for a test drive, here are ten interesting facts you may not know about our online software.Intervals is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California Our city is a popular tourist destination for people from all over.
It seems fitting that our small city has become a tech hub for SaaS companies reaching out to customers all over the world.We have customers in over 100 countries.
We have since seen a lot more apps join us in this space, but we truly believe Intervals is still one of the best options available for tracking time and tasks together.Intervals recently turned seven Happy belated birthday to us. After seven years of working alongside customers to grow Intervals, we’re looking forward to the next seven years. These reports provide quick and meaningful information useful for managing your time, tasks, and projects.Add project note from search results pageProject notes are the perfect solution for keeping track of both general and secure project details.
We are constantly addressing small usability tweaks like this one, which often go unnoticed, but, contribute to the overall project management experience.Extended iCal subscription to six monthsIntervals is a powerful tool for tracking and managing projects. Our suite of time, task and project management features make it easier to operate in the past, present, and future. If any one member of the team has too much ownership of any one area of a project, the team can falter in her absence.The team should regularly engage in cross training so there is enough overlap to cover the unavailability of any one person on the team.
Find one that will enable your team and use it.Our own design and development team built and uses Intervals for managing our sprints. Even if you are using task management software to help set priority, status, and due date on tasks, the team will simply become overwhelmed by the number of tasks. There are plenty of online task management software options available to help you with this process.

You will start missing deadlines and going over budget, making the project very difficult to recover.
More importantly, time tracking data will tell you how you are performing compared to your original estimates. Breaking down a project into smaller estimates makes it easier to estimate the project as a whole.The above screenshot shows a project with a budget of $14,000.
Intervals is able to compare this time tracking data against your original estimate, in real time. With this data we can keep projects under budget and on time, and alert the client and our team to early warnings. In my experience, however, online task management software is more effective when coupled with project management features.Managing a project successfully using only tasks depends more on the size of the project and the teams ability to self organize, than it will your adopting the latest and greatest task management software. If you need to make changes to your timesheet after submission, either have your supervisor reject your timesheet or contact your payroll coordinator to release your timesheet. And now they could take responsibility by pushing the deadline out or paying a rush fee.How to Make Data a Part of Your Project Management ProcessThe first thing to understand about data is that, although data is the truth, it does not provide the whole picture. There are several Agile methodologies available, but Scrum is the best option for agencies. And it was comforting for them to know they could change the requirements at any time, as long as they stayed within their budget (or paid more). For example, the story for the visual design of the home page was rather broad and loosely defined. We spent hours in client meetings scoping out every detail of the project and building a timeline in Microsoft Project.Changes in requirements, technology, and design trends are just a few of the variables that would change the course of a project during design and development.
Traditional web design project management approaches rely too much on interdependencies, allowing these threats to put a project behind schedule.
But, despite our best intentions, some projects do require more time and money than we had originally estimated. Before your team can dive into a project, the project manager must break down the scope of work into smaller, manageable tasks.This first step can seem daunting at first. But, this approach can also fail if the amount of information becomes too much for one task.One task per deliverableCreating one task for each deliverable is one of the most straightforward methodologies, and by far the most popular. Quickly calculate how much time was spent on weekly blog posts and use that data to determine if the retainer is profitable or not.
In my many years of running a web design and development agency I learned that no project is bulletproof, that even our best laid plans can go astray.
The data will tell you how much time your team spends on each project, and whether or not you are making any profit.
But these are the three most neglected areas that most often result in a project going over budget. The unique blend of time tracking, task management, and comprehensive reporting make Intervals an idea solution for companies needing reliable project management software.
Our customers are using Intervals to collaborate with clients from all over.We have customers in every time zone except for one The sun never sets on our customers.
Some agencies want to stay small and focus on a niche industry, and become to go-to agency for their area of expertise.Growth is going to translate into different meanings for different agencies. And the project note search is best for looking up these details you’ve thumb-tacked to past and present projects. This is one of the reasons we use Scrum, because it empowers the team to complete larger goals than they might under the direct control of a project manager.Use online softwareIn addition to the apps mentioned above for day-to-day communication, online project management apps typically provide a set of tools to help the team achieve autonomy. Here are a few of the most common signs that a project is starting to slip away from you.Too many changesChanges are necessary for any web-based project to succeed, but too many changes can hold back the project, or kill it altogether. There is no such thing as perfection, especially in a fluctuating medium like the web.Instead of trying to perfect every aspect of the project, which will only push back the deadline and increase the budget, make your work creative and compelling. Patterns will present themselves, making it easier to more accurately estimate future projects.One advantage of using online time tracking software is the wealth of data you accumulate.
Perhaps the project was front-loaded with engineering, or perhaps the requirements changed. These types of projects can be broken down into a handful of tasks to be completed by one or two people. If you are a 50% employee, and you work 4 hours Monday to Friday, then enter 4 hours for the day you missed work.

The completion of each sprint informs how we go about the next one, repeating the process until the project is complete.And because the process is more iterative, the client is more involved.
Adopting Scrum made the initial estimating almost painless and eased the development process, resulting in far fewer hiccups than previous projects managed with the waterfall model.We rolled out the new Scrum process with one of our oldest clients, a fashion company that manufactured high end hand bags.
The inventory management feature, however, was broken down into four smaller stories, one for each sprint, to accommodate its complexity. In fact, Intervals provides two different ways to keep track of projects when they go over budget.Tracking overages using modulesIntervals has a feature called Modules that allow you to create categories and assign tasks and time to them. This methodology works well for smaller projects with fewer details, because there is less information to track.For example, a creative agency working on a business card redesign may opt to track the entire job on one task. And as the project progresses, the task list gets smaller.A good example for this type of project is a web site design project. And when the project did go over budget, it was typically the result of poor planning and a lack of discipline.Every time we dug deeper into what caused the project to go over budget we found that one or more of the usual suspects played a part. For this phase, we recommend using online project management software to track client projects.
Only allow changes that have a meaningful impact on the project.Too many tasksGood task management skills are necessary to successfully manage a project. Time tracking data is an invaluable asset for making intelligent, informed project decisions. But, without plugging data into a client management software program, we could not be certain.To help quantify our feelings we ran a few reports using our time tracking software. For example, designers using the waterfall approach will often wait until the end of the design phase to present concepts to the client. What these stories had in common is that each one would result in a tangible deliverable that could be reviewed and tested by both our team and the client to address address any shortcomings or failures as quickly as possible.We kicked off the project with a sprint planning meeting where the team selected a list of stories they would commit themselves to completing the first sprint. And we can filter any of the reports by this module to see how much time has been spent on overages.Tracking overages as unbillable timeAnother method, ideal for agencies already using Modules for another purpose, is to simply mark the out of scope time as unbillable. There might have one task for wireframes, one for copywriting, one for a first round of design comps, and so on.Breaking down projects in this way has several benefits. Project management is a necessity on any project, one that should be compensated.When estimating a project we would tack on an additional 20% to 30% for project management.
Good project management software will also tell you which areas of each project were more profitable than others. We explained that the project would start out with a more general scope, to accommodate change. They would create a task for a writing weekly blog posts, then use that task to keep track of details, progress, and time spent. It told us a lot.The first thing we noticed was that some client projects were diminishing our hourly rates to the point we were barely making any money on them.
The problem was a combination of poorly negotiated contracts and poor time management.We spent a few months renegotiating the watered down contracts and committing ourselves to make the best use of our time.
But our billable work increased and so did our profitability.Digging deeper into each project we noticed one more thing. A combination of talent and repeatable projects produced better margins.Based on this information we began focusing more on clients who needed custom web development work. We’ve updated the web text editor, updated the graphing engine for reports, rounded out the project note search, extended the iCal subscription to six months, and added collision detection when updating milestones. Read on for more details.Updated web text editor, along with a new lookIntervals uses CKEditor, a longstanding favorite in the open source community, for editing blocks of web text on tasks, milestones, and projects. But more importantly, under-the-hood optimizations will help reports render faster across more browsers and devices.
If you aren’t familiar with reports already, click on the Reports tab in your Intervals account and crunch some data.

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