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An online backup service allows you to store your data at an off-site location by uploading it via the Internet to a remote computer or computers.
This works best for those with a limited amount of data to back up (preferably 5GB or less) and a fast Internet connection.The main drawback of online backup is it requires and depends heavily on your connection to the Internet, especially the upload speed.
For example, if you have a mobile device such as a smartphone, make sure you regularly sync it with your computer or an online server, or make it a habit to e-mail your important documents to yourself or a close friend.Note that though you might have lots of data, the amount of really important, irreplaceable data could actually be very small. However, if you're working on an important project, or are storing important financial data, it's a good idea to make a backup daily or even after each time you have made major changes.

The advantages of online backup are that it's convenient and generally keeps data safe from disasters. Most if not all of them offer about 5GB of online storage for free and you can purchase more if need be.
There are many online backup services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive, and all of them automatically sync local content with the remote server in real time, or based on a schedule that you set.
Google also offers Google Docs, a Web-based alternative to Microsoft Office that hosts the documents in the cloud (meaning on Google servers) at all times.Google Drive is a great online backup service for Gmail users.

Many portable storage devices come with backup software that runs by itself each time you plug the drive into a computer, making them convenient for home users. Depending on the backup software, it can also offer versioning, and in many cases the fact that data is stored on a separate device, in addition to the original location, means that you can always go back to the previous version if something happens to the file you're working on.The main drawback of local backup is that you can only back up one computer or device at a time, and may need to manually plug the drive into a computer before a backup can be made.

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