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Leadership Skills for Managers is an in-depth exploration of the abilities and qualities of a leader (as opposed to just a manager). True leadership is the most valuable commodity in the world- yet few really know how to attain it. From the author of the bestseller A Man After God's Own Heart (more than 100,000 copies sold)--a survey of God's priorities for leaders as exhibited in the life of Nehemiah. Conversation techniques and tools that can help strong managers become great leaders Often the very same skills and traits that enable rising stars to achieve success "tenacity, aggressiveness, self-confidence" become liabilities when promoted into a leadership track. This new edition of a much talked about executive and management self-development book offers a fresh approach to assessing and cultivating vital leadership skills in any organization.

Download Leadership Conversations: Challenging High Potential Managers to Become Great Leaders - Alan S. Leadership attributes such as problem-solving, team-building, and communication are analyzed.
This practical and compelling guide offers the tools and techniques to help you build the necessary skills. Nothing stunning or earth shattering but a good reminder of things that someone who desires to improve their management methods should know. While managers' conversations are generally transactional and centered on the task at hand, leaders must focus on people, asking great questions and aligning them with the vision for the future.

Tools, techniques, and real-life examples help the reader develop a plan of action for transforming a vision of leadership into an implementable reality. It is newly updated with creative self-assessment tools and an emphasis on leadership coaching and mentoring. It goes beyond the traditional to define the relationship between leadership performance and corporate performance optimization.

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