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Finally, we moved to Colorado and there were like-minded believers in Law of Attraction and manifesting through spiritual law. Intended to create the most fertile community in the world for people to manifest their intentions.
Please add your favorite law of attraction and manifesting forums in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.
Jeannette–thanks for a great list of places people who believe in the Law of Attraction to co-create and support one another. Now, my entire social experience is one where everything I talk about—manifesting, releasing limiting beliefs, living by Spiritual Law, Law of Attraction and money, Law of Attraction and relationships, Dream Boards and God and the Universe and the feminine and finding your Soul’s Purpose and living by it—now all of my people from friends to lovers to Maxcelerators in my mastermind are speaking the same language, holding each other up.
For the first part of my Law of Attraction study and experiment I practiced alone, stuck in Texas in a very Evangelical part of the world with virtually no like-minded believers.

I took classes and sat in on group meditations and went to a church that believed in Law of Attraction and I created masterminds. Hosted by Juicy Living’s Lilou to inspire creators to put universal laws and principles into practice. I did also join a new age group back back in 2002 but when they moved all the main stuff to paid subscriptions most people left the forum. If you’re hanging out with unsupportive people then you’re paying the price for their negativity whether you realize it or not. I had support outside of my home, outside of my marriage, but I longed for the primary support in my life.
OMG how can I forget I joined the TUT forum (Mike Dooley) around 2005 It was a nightmare I was ganged up on and laughed at (not because I was funny) It was so bitchy and full of wanna be guru’s giving out advice like the the enlightened one from Mars telling you common sense when it was never asked.

In other words, I’ve extensively studied, experimented and monitored my results and the results of those around me.
It didn’t help that one of the forum mods was a supposed counsellor of some sort but was just always trying to find her next client on the boards. I thought it was a wonderful post but the moderator stated that only 10% of the whole forum is about LOA and the other is about people wanting to get an ex lover back.
Jeeze I know I will be hooked but it will make up for the time that I spent reading online newspapers full of mind numbing stuff, which is better for my mind.

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