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In the middle childhood years, children tend to share their negative emotions such as anger and sadness more with their friends rather than their parents in order to avoid receiving a negative response such as teasing and belittling. Emotional development in children 7-12 years old shows that they have a developed thought process that determines and teaches these children how to cope up with a certain negative emotional event. Psychological development in children 7-12 years makes them realise that the emotional states of the people are not as simple as they thought in their earlier childhood. During their middle childhood years, kids start to realise that it is possible for them to feel more than one emotion at the same time. Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same.
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Since we're all a part of society we are all conditioned to behave in a particular and in fact most of it leads to social and emotional development takes place during childhood.
In today's day and age when students are being exposed to continuous information from various verified and unverified sources, career counselling becomes very important. Children grow at a rapid pace, learning various aspects and going through several development phases in a short span.
Parents never miss a chance to remind us about what's right and what's not however we often ignore their advices.

Tweens- During the age of 7-12, about three to fourth of children suffer from separation anxiety symptoms.
A new study has shown that children who are shy has no real language problems, and are as good as the children who are outgoing in nature.
A study has found that use of interactive media may affect the development of social skills, interpersonal dynamics and social-emotional learning among. Children can improve their math skills by playing certain board games as long as they use a particular counting method, a new research has found. All of us go through emotional turmoil in our lives, and we blame much of this to the way we live.
It is a period of transformation and a child undergoes various physical, intellectual and social changes. By this time they are mature enough to understand when they should control their emotions and when they should express it.
Although, this ability is not fully developed in a seven year or an eight year old, it evolves slowly in due course of time.
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Various factors influence their expressivity such as social and cultural behavioural patterns.
Apart from that, the age and the gender of the child also influence their psyche to a certain extent. Usually these emotional regulations are adaptive and children learn more from their experiences and surroundings. In case of boys, they develop facial hair and they also experience a change in their voice. By understanding various stages, parents can help their children evolve and mature into responsible human beings.
It helps them in establishing, building and sustaining their various social relationships within and outside their family.

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