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One of the biggest things that I’ve found that determines the success of one Kindle book over another, is the niche or market that book is in. With this list, you next want to determine which ones would be the most profitable (remember: large market, low competition) so that you could create your book on.
The first thing that you want to do is see if there is actually a market on Amazon for your book idea.
When it comes to analyzing the competition of a niche, the number of other book results isn’t the only factor that you want to look at.
Now, this is just a basic explanation of how to analyze the profitability of a niche, but there is a few more factors you want to look at.
Once you’ve decided upon a niche for your Kindle book, the next step is to create a title and cover for your Kindle book.
You want to make sure that your title is compelling, descriptive, has benefits in it, and really grabs attention. Alternatively, you could invest more in a more quality book cover by hiring a more professional designer. Once you have your cover and Kindle book ready, you’re ready to publish it on Amazon. On the next page, you’ll need to fill in the book name, book contributors, book description, to verify your publishing rights, add categories and keywords for your book, upload your cover, and upload your Kindle ebook file. On the next page, KDP will ask you to verify your publishing territories and to choose your royalty. As you can see, KDP allows you to set the price of your book and which royalty option you’d like to select. Finally, you get to “Save and Publish” your book, in which case it will be live on Amazon and for sale within 24 hours! A verified review means someone actually bought or downloaded your Kindle book, then posted a review. A review that is unverified means that someone did NOT purchase or download the book and left a review. Amazon has some strict Review Guidelines that is important to read over, but one of the best ways that I’ve found is to simply give your book away.

In the example of Acne Treatment, you’d want to find as many people with Acne as possible that you could give the book away to. Other resources I’d recommend would be to use the AK Elite Book Club, which requires a one-time fee to join, but you can get other members to buy and review your book fairly easily. There’s a ton of strategies that you can use to promote and market your Kindle e-book, most of which are free.
When you publish your book, you get an option to enroll your book in the KDP Select Program. Kindle Countdown Deals allows you to offer a discount on your Kindle book for a period of time. Also, you can find people on Fiverr that will do a lot of promotion of your Kindle book for you for only $5.
These are just a few strategies that you can use to start promoting and marketing your Kindle book. Having an KDP Author Profile can really help boost sales and help people find out more about the author before purchasing. You want to use the inside of your Kindle book to help you promote your other Kindle books and make money as well. I hope this guide has really helped you understand more about the process of Kindle publishing and making money on Kindle.
If you are looking for more, or are wanting to seriously pursue making money on Kindle, then I want to invite you to join my Kindle Money Mastery program. Kindle Money Mastery is a step-by-step video training course that walks you through everything. Welcome to the third part of How to Make Money Writing and Publishing eBooks here on Disease Called Debt. Writing and publishing your own eBook is a great way to top up your income so that you can pay off your debt faster, increase your savings or just spend on whatever you like!
Today’s post will explain about Kindle self-publishing – how to publish your eBook on Amazon using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform once you have your eBook written and formatted. Amazon’s KDP platform is an easy way to self-publish your eBook, cutting out the need to use a publishing agency which will save you tons of time.

Once you’ve signed up for an account with KDP, it can take as little as 30 minutes to fill in the required forms to upload your eBook for publishing.
When you sign in (or sign up), you’ll see another screen that gives you various options about getting started with publishing your eBook. I hope you’ve found this post helpful in explaining how to get started with Kindle self-publishing. Kindle self-publishing also means that you’ll get to keep more of any profits made from your book (up to 70% royalties in most countries if you choose this option).
This bit is important because if you choose the wrong categories, your eBook won’t be targeted properly towards the right kind of buyers.
You can select whether you want your eBook to appear in specific territories or whether you want it publishing worldwide. The other advantage to pricing your book low is that it will encourage downloads and that in turn will help to increase your eBook’s Amazon ranking. Thinking about what you’d expect from an eBook is helpful when deciding on how to price your own eBook. Next Monday’s post will be about how to get your eBook sales off to a great start by developing a marketing strategy so that you can promote it in all the right places.
If your book has zero reviews, or has some 1 or 2 star reviews, then people likely won’t buy it.
This helpful article I found on another blog will explain everything you need to know about the tax side of things and it’s much easier to follow than how the KDP platform explains it! So write as much as possible about your ebook in this field so that you can make it stand out from the competition! You can also format your text using HTML tags for headings or use bold tags to make your text stand out.
This blog post will serve as a guide to breaking down exactly how you can get started publishing e-books and making money online.

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