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Proper time management in the workplace has a number of positive effects, ranging from making you a more focused and valuable employee to reducing the stress of your job. Setting Priorities and GoalsTwo very effective time management skills that you can practice at work everyday are prioritizing and setting goals. Eliminate ProcrastinationIf you've ever found yourself whiling the day away on small tasks -- only to find at the end of the day that you didn't have time to get an important project done -- you know how important good time management is. Developing EmployeesPracticing good time management helps you perform better at your job because you are less likely to feel the stress and pressure of bumping up against important deadlines.
General Life ImprovementAnother positive side effect of practicing time management is that it helps improve your life away from the office. Opportunity to PlanIt’s difficult to plan work activities when you lack time management skills. Communication with OthersHow you manage your time also affects communication with colleagues.
Staying ahead of your responsibilities is the essence of good time management, especially at work. Practicing good time-management techniques helps to reduce stress by keeping your work on schedule and in good shape to meet approaching deadlines.
Making and sticking to schedules helps you feel more in control of your day and helps focus your energies away from time-wasting or unimportant tasks.

Supervisors with strong time management skills can virtually eliminate procrastination by ensuring that their employees understand what needs to be done and when it needs to be finished. Time management skills don't come naturally, but once you get into the habit, you'll be surprised at how much you'll accomplish. In reality, dividing your energies between numerous assignments actually reduces productivity, Wright State University management professor Scott Williams says. Employers appreciate employees who can get the maximum amount of good work done in the minimum amount of time. Practicing good time management at work helps you develop a task list for each day and schedule the items that need to be done while also leaving yourself time to address any emergency issues that may arise.
For example, managers have more time to spend training subordinates on important skills that can improve their performances.
You will be better able to prioritize your daily tasks, create a workable schedule for busy times and also leave yourself time to relax. Bad time management leads to low productivity and high stress, neither of which is good for the company, much less its employees. This allows you to focus your time and energy on the bigger items first, rather than getting bogged down in minutia. Few co-workers will question whether you are going to show up on time or finish projects and managers may see you as someone who takes his job seriously and has the company's best interest in mind.

Train yourself to respond immediately when the situation requires, and schedule blocks of time for answering lower priority emails or phone calls. Prioritizing and setting goals for yourself can assist you in becoming a more productive employee by ensuring that all of your work items are addressed in a timely manner. Even employees who are not in a management position will have more time to mentor less experienced workers. A less hectic home life can help improve your professional performance as well because you spend less time on the job worrying about personal commitments. Good time managers appreciate the importance of setting priorities and sticking to them, which makes success more likely -- and more lasting. The extra time you can give to developing colleagues will have a positive impact on the entire company. Because proper time management helps you accomplish more in the allotted time, it can help you adopt a more positive attitude in the workplace. Develop as much consistency as possible – even if parts of your day are consumed by peak busy times.

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