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The following exercise will ask you 50 questions about your leadership style, and then give you an idea of your typical styles.
If you are still a student you might like to answer the questions as you would if you were a manager in an organisation, rather than the way you would if, for example, you were president of a student society where the leadership style is more casual than that in most work environments.
Once you have finished the test go to the table below where you'll find explanations of each of the leadership styles. Leadership involves managing, coordinating and supervising, taking responsibility for people; directing, organising and motivating them.
A fire officer dealing with a serious fire may need to be authoritative, making instant decisions and barking out commands, but when training staff, a participative style will be more effective.
The MoralDNA report from the Chartered Management Institute found that ethical leadership is a critical driver of performance. I learned a lot about how to take responsibility and it gave me confidence that I could enter a management role at some stage in the future. Often, those who are most effective as leaders are those who have extensive experience working in teams and have had the benefit of being mentored or led by a great leader in the past. Healthy organisations reward those who take the lead, not just those with formal management roles.

However their self-importance can lead to poor leadership performance as they run their own agenda, and lack the ability to relate to others. The highest scores should suggest your most liked styles of leadership, and the lowest scores, the styles that are least like you.
A good leader will use a variety of styles of leadership according to the situation whereas bad leaders tend to fall in to just one style.
Where coaching, visionary and democratic leadership styles predominated 75% of respondents said effectiveness of management was excellent, compared to only 18% where command and control leadership was predominant.
This resource (free for PMI members) helps to emphasize the importance of project managers building an effective leadership style. If something is scalable, then it’s most likely that management practices are the primary way to make these effective. If something is not scalable, then it’s most likely you must operate with leadership disciplines. Another side-benefit is that your team will get to know more about your history, your stories — and this in turn helps them work more effectively with you.
My counsel is to use an effective strategy for indirect feedback that will help everyone involved.

There are many different types of leaders, and not all of them necessarily have the best skills as far as people management is concerned. Well, not always, due to the fact that there are indeed many types of leaders and forms of leadership.
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Certainly, and one could argue that the best leaders are those who have exceptional interpersonal skills and who know how to get the best out of people.
As with most things, they either have an inherent sense of people management, or have learned them along the way, either through experience or through coursework.

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