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My CEFR compliant Business English combines a communicative approach with authentic business material, to give professionals like you relevant and immediate communication skills.
Effective business communication skills promote teamwork, increase revenue and minimize costly mistakes.
Learners experience the consequences of posting a video online in this 5-8 minute burst featuring a recurring cast of characters and innovative branching. Between increasing awareness of global markets, shifting economic power structures and surging advancements in communications and transportation technology, some companies are having trouble keeping up with the pace of today's business world. Taking business courses online saves time and money and gives the opportunity to learn at one's own pace. Browse the wide range of courses available and develop that competitive edge necessary for continued success. This module elucidates the usage of non-verbal communication like body language, facial expressions, etc.
This module is about mastering the ABC’s of this skill that you learn all the seemingly minor details which could have a major impact on the way your colleagues, juniors, bosses, clients and other business associates think of you.
The newest course, Servant Leadership, takes you on a journey along the Servant Leadership highway, through real-life scenarios and activities that help you develop new skills while discovering and reflecting on your own leadership strengths. For more information about course registration and logging in, check out our Lions Learning Center FAQs.
In this 5-8 minute burst, viewers consider how real people respond during unscripted street interviews on the importance of good business communication skills.
Online business courses can also help a student keep on top of trends and technologies relevant to their industry without requiring enrollment in a full-fledged degree program. Providing employees with insight into common etiquette practices and coaching them on the proper use of electronic communication tools can dramatically improve culture, help mitigate risk for the organization and result in more mindful interactions with other employees and business partners.

An effective communication skill is about understanding the right style of communication in The business environment and also about overcoming the barriers in communication. Training in the areas such as Communications skills, Email etiquette, telephone etiquette, listening skills transform the employees and inculcate an attitude that is required to represent the organization to the global business world. It is the magic that you create much before you display your technical knowledge, your brilliant sales report or before you crack that crucial business deal. The Lions Learning Center provides online learning courses that allow Lions to develop skills in categories including Leadership, Managing Others, Achieving Results and Communication. Most individual skills courses you can take in the business sphere come from institutions that also offer full-fledged degrees, which means instructors of online business courses typically have access to the same complement of resources as any traditional university professor.
Employees will think about how poor communication affects reputation and receive tips and advice to help improve business communications. Business courses don't typically cover material that requires hands-on training or laboratory experience, which means that the online environment can offers numerous advantages over the classroom model without significant drawbacks.
Online business training can provide the sort of up-to-the-minute training hiring managers look for to help keep their companies from falling behind.
Perhaps the best part of online business training is the ability to engage in immediate, relevant education.
For one, online business training can often be completed according to your own schedule, which can be a great help to professionals whose work schedule is top priority.
It's important, however, to choose a course with a delivery method and tuition cost that best suits one's learning style and education budget.
Managers and human resource pros usually break these skills down into two distinct categories: "hard" skills, like computer and software proficiencies, and "soft" skills like interpersonal communication and stress management. The road to success as a member of the business world requires a broad range of up-to-date business skills.

Online project management training teaches students how to manage team schedules, estimate project cost and integrate multiple projects into an overarching management strategy.
Accounting - Accurate records of transactions and properly composed balance sheets are two of the pillars of sound financial practice, and online accounting courses can ensure that you understand the fundamentals. Learn the finer points of logistics, purchasing, contract law and more in online supply chain management courses.
Supply chain management - A large percentage of businesses rely on physical materials to keep their bottom line growing. Online quality control training can teach you how to use complex measuring techniques, navigate industry-specific software programs and operate essential inspection equipment to ensure quality products for your company. Business communication - Business writing, public speaking, negotiation and effective communication across multiple media combine to form one of the most underrated skillsets in the business world, and online business communication courses can give you valuable training in these areas. Learn how to successfully manage differences of opinion and work effectively with difficult people in online conflict management courses.
Time management - From getting the most out of time-saving office software to better managing the amount of effort you invest in everyday tasks, online time management training provides opportunities for day-to-day advantages you'll wonder how you ever did without.
Sales - Cold-calling techniques, closing strategies and negotiation fundamentals are all obvious benefits for sales professionals, but business operatives in any segment of the industry can make use of the cross-platform skills learned in online sales training courses. Conflict management - Conflict is a natural part of a healthy business environment, and knowing how to address it and resolve it to the good is a highly valuable ability.

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