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Construction contracts anticipate change because construction plans and specifications cannot perfectly represent the reality of field conditions. This one-day in-house training session at your facilities provides you the know-how and the tools needed to properly handle job contract management. This training session introduces you the principles and best practices of construction contract management.
To enable you to proceed immediately with the implementation of the best practices introduced during training, you will receive copies of the Core Process Maps presented during training.
The CMP Certification addresses all of the knowledge areas required to become a proficient contracts manager. The learning achieved will help consolidate your and your organisation's knowledge and skill base in contract management.

This is achieved by building on the strong foundations of existing Australian vocational or tertiary qualifications in procurement, endorsing other high quality training for procurement and contract management professionals using the Australian national procurement competency standards to certify the skills, knowledge and professional practice of their members.
During this session, contract management professionals share their experiences with how working in tandem and on a real-time basis with their counterparts has helped them to identify and address compliance leakages, supply chain risks, and savings opportunities. This certification has been designed and developed, based on research with the Australian contract management community and the CMP Executive Panel. Collaborative contract management today offers organizations opportunities to mitigate those countless risks that haunt supply chain operations. The CLS requires completion and passing the tests for all 3 Contract Law Units at both the Fundamental and Advanced levels.
The CMP Certification is endorsed by the Australian Association of Procurement and Contract Management (AAPCM), which actively promotes the professionalism of Australians working in procurement and contract management.

Our panel of experts combine over 100 years of expertise in contract law, contract management, contract strategy and contract risk. Actively involved with various professional associations and public speaking engagements, our experts have contributed to policy, training and education in the field of contract management. Its goal is to address the desire for all people involved in the contract life cycle, to avoid the pitfalls, headaches and cost blowouts that can occur when contracts are not tight, well structured, or well managed. We can work with your company's contracts and contractual issues, and develop case studies more relevant to your unique and confidential objectives.

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