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Learn the details of perfect communicating lectured by foreign professionals with extensive business experience in China as well as abroad in your company or at our campus!
The effective communication skills course is offered in an 8 week module including exam and the possibility for your employees to earn a valuable Jiao Tong University certificate! If you have an idea for a customised course that would benefit your organisation, contact us today to discuss how we can help. Any of the courses featured on our open course list can be delivered or adapted as part of a custom course.
My hands-on workshops demonstrate how to avoid most errors and have helped many researchers and students improve their communication skills. By working on real-life examples, participants will learn how to produce a draft for a press release or a public speech, will prepare themselves for an interview and will experiment with many other scenarios in science communication.

HRPeople, in partnership with Monster and Cornerstone OnDemand, is now offering an online Business Communication Training Bundle to help you differentiate yourself from other HR Professionals.
HRPeople, in partnership with Monster and Cornerstone OnDemand, is now offering professional development courses in business communication. These courses will teach you how to communicate effectively with colleagues, contacts, and customers.
The courses are tailor-made, cost effective, target specific and goal oriented to build team confidence, increase the company value and most important: a valued staff. We also have hundreds of additional modules that are too specialist offer as an open course, but available for custom courses. Usually, I receive an invitation from an institute, a centre or a company interested in hosting one of my courses or workshops, or I teach my courses during a scientific event such as a festival or a meeting.

Competition for HR positions is growing, and superb oral and written communication are a requirement.
You may consider inviting me for a communication workshop or a full course at your institute or company. Furthermore, taking online courses in communication will give you the skills to propel your career in HR to the next level. My courses will address these and many other questions with theoretical and practical sessions.

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