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Canadian employers are clearly looking to hire people who can could work well with others, as some variation of team work, collaboration, or working with others is the most frequently requested skill appearing in Canadian job ads.
Focussing on the skills that employers really want, and showing (not just telling) that you have used them successfully in the past, can be the secret resume ingredient that turns applications into interviews. When you include a standalone skills section on your resume, your readers see claims for your skills and experience, but no context.
Beyond keywords, check out this peer-reviewed research on what recruiters do and don’t like on your resume. Thus, from an ATS perspective, the skills section is a weak, outdated strategy that turns you into that person.
A recent report from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario analyzed the content of hundreds of job postings on Workopolis as well as other sites to determine which skills are mentioned most frequently – and how often they appear. Two thirds (67%) of employers surveyed by Workopolis told us that they have difficulty finding candidates with the requisite soft skills they need.

To make a convincing case for your interpersonal skills, use concrete examples from your past employment.
They might even wonder if you just pulled keywords out of their job posting and plopped them into your resume.
Use your resume to tell your story, not to dump a long list of unsubstantiated, marginally believable keywords on skeptical recruiters and their applicant tracking systems. This webinar show how they are collaborating with Economic Development and Technical Colleges to improve business services.
It turns out that across industries, there is one skillset that appears in fully 93% of job ads. Successful collaboration necessarily includes communication, negotiation, cooperation, emotional intelligence, dependability, as well as a certain level of sociability. Unfortunately, soft skills are much more difficult than technical abilities to highlight in a resumes.

It sounds as though the companies that develop resume parsing software are on to this sham and have moved ahead with more sophisticated algorithms to identify top candidates.
Instead of a skills section, use that valuable resume page space to tell recruiters and the ATS what they want to know, in a manner they find believable.
You can also look at this infographic of resume power words that have produced terrific results for my resume clients.
You know, the resume section some people carefully craft to include every keyword on the posting for their dream job.

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