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Upon completion you will achieve the nationally accredited Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching(10535NATVIC). Improve your annual salary, step up your profitability and watch your bottom line skyrocket. Our Coaching have proven steps that will make you succeed. Small business mentoring serviceSuccess - it's something we all crave, whether it be in our business, corporate or personal lives.
Life Coaching Life coaching sessions are designed for you personally and can assist you with almost any goal or issue you may have in any area of your life. Business Coaching We have Business Coaches to suit a variety of needs, from HR to financial planning.

Firstly, we assess whether life coaching is right for you, then we take the time to understand your specific needs and match you with the coach that will meet them. 1-to-1 coaching sessions can be booked before, during, or after hours in most areas of Melbourne and the peninsulas.
The Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching (10535NAT) provides you with all the core skills to have coaching conversations with individuals and your team in the workplace. Our comprehensive, personal matching process and service sets us apart from most other life coaching companies. Matching your needs with a coaches’ skills and experience is a vital part of achieving success through life coaching. This training will help you save anything from 1 to 4 hours everyday to help you work on your business to have more sales, profits and cash.

By choosing Life Coaching Melbourne, you don’t have to worry about investing your money and time in an ‘unknown factor’. Our Team Leader and Principal, Sandy Ewing has 15 years of specific coaching experience and involvement in the coaching industry as a whole.

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