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Experience Italy while working as a summer camp counselor or English tutor with GeoVisions. Working abroad as a summer camp counselor in Italy will give you the chance to combine the nostalgia for the days full of fun, games, sunshine and friendship that you had during your summer breaks with an incredible cultural experience abroad. If you love working with kids and enjoy the outdoors, this is the perfect summer teaching opportunity for you in the Italian Alps. Experience working in an Italian work environment in one of 11 cities in Italy, such as Bologna, Siena, and Venice.
With a highly flourishing culture pervading a laid back pace of life, there are few better places in the world to work than Italy.

Like any country, the majority of jobs abroad in Italy lie in the capital, Rome, as well as other major Italian cities like Milan and Genoa. Spend a minimum of 15 hours a week tutoring campers or schoolchildren while exploring the Italian countryside.Jobs are limited to Americans, Australians, Canadians, and Kiwis. Employees will have the opportunity to grow professionally through experiencing the professional culture of Italian employment.
Participants begin the program on a four-week Italian language course and then later move on to an internship at a four or five-star hotel in Florence, Milan, or Rome.
For some, the image of a gondolier gliding passengers down a Venetian canal springs to mind, for others it’s the idyllic and miniature seaside towns dotting the heel that is the Italian region of Puglia.

Italy attracts tens of millions of visitors annually but the only way to truly experience la dolce vita is by working in Italy. We all have a favorite Italy, a personal Italy that might or might not adhere to the realities of finding a job in this sun-draped country.

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