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BOSTON – Tuesday, March 26, 2013 – Governor Deval Patrick today joined Education Secretary Matthew Malone, Higher Education Commissioner Richard Freeland, UMass Boston Chancellor J. High-Demand scholarships will assist students majoring in the Commonwealth’s growing health care, science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), business and finance sectors, and those planning careers in fields like computer science, engineering, nursing and the life sciences. These scholarships will help the Commonwealth meet an urgent need for mid and high-level skilled talent in key industries where we know employers are actively seeking qualified candidates for positions that too often go unfilled.
The High-Demand scholarships are being funded through a $2 million appropriation in the FY13 budget.
Tagged  business, Deval Patrick, engineering, Finance, health care, High-Demand scholarships, J. Rick Snyder Recently issued the following statement after the announcement that Michigan’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for August fell to 5.1 percent – which also is the national average.
Keith Motley and 100 students to announce the Commonwealth’s new High-Demand scholarships, awarded to students pursuing careers for which the state has an urgent need for skilled talent.

This is the lowest monthly rate since July 2001."More people are working in Michigan because, together, we are doing the right things to help Michiganders and the companies that invest in the people who live and work here. The Commonwealth’s knowledge-based economy relies on a high-knowledge, well-skilled workforce for continued growth, and these scholarships will help ensure that Massachusetts has the talent needed to remain competitive in the 21st century. I’ve recently had the opportunity to tell the Michigan story to businesses and government leaders around the world.
The average GPA for a High-Demand Scholarship recipient is 3.76, and more than half the recipients have demonstrated high financial need. They know of Michigan’s comeback, our outstanding work ethic and the quality products we design, build or grow.
While I proudly tell them what we’ve done, I stress that we aren’t resting.“It’s remarkable that Michigan’s unemployment rate has reached this 14-year-low.
These individuals must also complete work-based learning programs and many of the careers also require a certificate of completion, apprenticeship or an associate’s degree.Skilled trades careers are also a vital component of Michigan’s economy.

The local directors assigned to the programs are in charge of promoting these opportunities to students, as well as parents.Aside from the local directors, the Michigan School Counselor Association (MSCA), local school counselors and teachers play an important part in extending students opportunities to talk with employers and begin instructional programs at the high school or local career technical area center. The OCTE is also supporting the MSCA’s fall conference by providing breakout sessions to discuss career and college readiness opportunities.The OCTE also honors young women who get involved in skilled trades programs as many of these career paths tend to be male dominated fields.
Local programs are also recognized for instituting innovative programming that promotes skilled trades as profitable and fulfilling career choices.Kami Moore, a student at Reeths-Puffer High School interested in Machining and Engineering. Photo courtesy of the Michigan Department of Education.Michigan cannot truly be competitive in today’s global economy without the support of people in skilled trades careers. Our eLearning Soft Skills modules were designed to provide a universally accessible soft skills training resource for the Michigan workforce for basic and foundational skills for the workplace, ensuring that all are ready to succeed in the 21st century!

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