Inventory: Extra Mags, Aid bag, Extra fuel, tool box, maps, flashlight, and the homes of people who have no means of stopping me.
Inventory- gas, gas, as many rounds as my truck will hold, and all the normal stuff lights and all.
Inventory: Extra Mags,Med-Kits,Extra ammo,cell Phone,walkie talkies,radio,food,water, tool kit, binoculars, range finder,digital still camera, Knives, Rope, Matches, fire stick, Clothing, and a good book. With my locations and trucks i can carry what i need and not to worry to much of allies turning.
I never thought about the sanitation thing if the inmates died but yeah I guess that is one possible problem.
Sidekick: Jessica Simpson (you got to pass the time somehow, heh) OK, nevermind, I'll be good. Like a couple of years after the economy actually hits bottom and the world refuses the US Dollar. IMF made a statement yesterday about the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen being pretty much heading to where they will be useless.
At the moment, the US had outlined less than half of the tax increases and spending cuts necessary to bring its public debt down in the medium term, the IMF calculated. Step 1: Should You Stay or Should You Go?The first thing you should do is evaluate the threat of the situation and how imminent you expect it to unravel. Step 3: ShelterThe thing you'll have to worry about most during a nuclear war will be the radioactive fallout.
Step 4: What to Do if You're Exposed to RadiationDuring war times, anything can happen—usually it's bad. Final ThoughtsSurviving the nuclear holocaust won't be as difficult as something like a zombie apocalypse, even without the proper knowledge of how to stay safe.
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Fema warns massive earthquake tsunami wipe, Fema warns massive earthquake tsunami wipe pacific northwest!!! Also for the heck of it fill it out in a post so we can all see whats going through your mind on this subject. I was thinking though, like you said, the guards are like FK you we are going home to be with our families, have fun rotting in your cell, meanwhile I slip in because there ARE no guards, I release inmates by small groups and they LOVE me because I am releasing them back into the wild, how many snakes do you see attack handlers when they release the snake back into the water or something? So my brother Mike, between the two of us I figure we have better odd's then than most we would cross swords with.
In this ongoing five-part series, we examine what would happen if zombies, nuclear weapons, cyber wars, earthquakes, or aliens actually destroyed our planet—and how you might survive.
If you don't expect the threat to affect where you're currently residing, then stay put and skip over to Step 2. While some acquire water, food and supplies, make sure the rest are working on shelter issues and any other priorities that are pertinent to your survival.When it comes to food, stock up on ready-to-eat foods such as granola bars and raisins and any type of canned food.
This dust will be carried high up into the air by any mushroom clouds and will be swept across the nation via any strong wind currents. Whether it's because an explosion of sorts destroys part of your shelter or you just plain missed an exposed crack, getting radiation in the house is a huge possibility. As long as you use common sense and stay indoors, you should be fine.The bigger challenge will not be surviving the war, but recuperating in the aftermath.
You can also collect a few perishable foods, but obviously those won't last you a long time, so it's better to find long lasting food. The map below is a 1970's prediction of prevailing winds in the United States and how they carry along any radioactive fallout material. So what do you do if you think you're exposed to radiation?Get out of the immediate area quickly. So I release them in small numbers and make DANG SURE that they leave so that I won't have any security issues later.
Other types of food you can try and find are:Rice, beans, flour, potatoes, pasta, quick oats and other grains Dried milk Boxes of food, such as pancakes or hamburger helper Sugar and honey Cooking oil and baking soda Bottled water Water will be one of the most important things you can try and collect, so make sure you have a substantial amount of water for you and your group. During this time of war, you should brush up on anything useful that will help you survive in the aftermath of war. Once all the inmates are gone I lock everything up, fortify the stronghold my way, plan a safe escape route, find whatever generators I can to use power if the power fails, which it will eventually.

Learn how to fend for yourself, how to rebuild, and how to protect yourself from dangerous people.
If you have several weeks or days of planning, make sure it is reasonable for you to get to the other destination in time. Image via When it comes to supplies, the list may be a bit longer and more complicated than food. War is a crazy time and makes even the sanest of people turn a little coo-coo.Try and team up with people in your neighborhood that are strong-minded and strong-willed.
These people will be your best hope at rebuilding your neighborhood and society as you knew it before times of war.
Also on Riker's Island there is one really tall building and a few very tall towers, I would like to rig up a remote sniper like on "Shooter" controlled via my safe room inside an extremely well fortified bunker. Make sure you can get there at all (roadblocks, military, traffic) and if that's clear, make sure you can get there in a timely fashion.Your knowledge of the situation will make all the difference between having your group make it out in time with enough supplies to survive. Maybe one on top of each of the tall towers and on both ends of that tall building, all being mounted on a 360 degree swivel mount, and then radio controlled from said safe room.
If not, build small individual places for each person to hide under if an attack strikes near.
Use that duct tape you have to cover any small cracks in the house that could be susceptible to dirt coming in. Get creative if necessary, JUST MAKE SURE NO RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL GETS INSIDE THE HOUSE BY ANY MEANS. The video below can give you more information on how protect yourself from this hazardous material.
If a nuclear war were ever waged on our country, the red dots on the map below predict where the first strikes will hit U.S. Since no one can ever be wrong, opposition is met with hostility and war begins.How can we face this hostility head-on if it does ever happen on a global scale? Whether or not something happens on December 21st—zombie apocalypse, meteor strike, or nuclear holocaust—it's best to be ready for it.

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