Sometimes it hard to keep the big picture in mind when we’re living the details every day.
I have a pretty good foundation of supplies (though I know I need a lot more), but there’s still some things I want and need. Killing Zombies is the act of rendering the moving corpse completely motionless once again. Nearly all zombie survivalists are in agreement that the destruction of the brain is the only surefire way to neutralize the zombie (though a few rare types of zombies require complete dismemberment).
The skull is not only one of the thickest bones in the body, but the spherical shape of the cranium has evolved over countless eons of evolution to deflect and absorb tremendous amounts of force to preserve its precious cargo. Without a weapon like a large axe, or sledgehammer, attacking the forehead, top, or back of the skull is not recommended. The temple on the right of the forehead and the area under the chin do not require as much exertion to overcome the skull's resistance, but the precision to hit these small targets under duress (and with attackers coming from multiple angles, as one-on-one zombie encounters are somewhat uncommon) usually makes these targets less than practical. Do not underestimate the effect fear may have on a survivor's capacity to fight, especially their first few encounters. It is usually better to avoid confrontation if possible, and instead flee undetected, especially if one isn't barricaded, or by a base. As earlier mentioned, there is great misinformation in regards to the ease of fracturing the skull.

Many instances of Fast Zombies are not truly dead, merely humans in a rabid state, immune to pain, exhaustion, and mercy.
A hand crank charger, one of those dynamos so that I can keep charged a flashlight, radio or mobile phone (to play my games, of course). I have what I think is enough ammo to get me thru the beginning stages of the zombie apocalypse, but the bulk of my weapons are edged weapons!! It can be argued that the term killing is technically inaccurate, as despite the observed locomotion of the zombie, all other life functions have ceased. In World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, The Frontal Lobe is the area of the Zombie brain that still has limited function, and its destruction is key to putting a zombie down (in The Walking Dead, it is the brain stem. Fracturing a skull to the point required to kill a zombie is no small feat without firearms.
Baseball bats may fracture the skull, but typically not thoroughly enough in these areas to cause structural brain damage. However, smaller calibers may need to be much closer to do so on a reliable basis, and distance between the shooter and the undead horde is of the highest value.
While faster, and more hostile fighters than their slower cousins, they are ultimately more fragile.
Wallpaper and background images in the Zombie Apocalypse Team club tagged: zombie apocalypse random images.

Still, in both works, substantial structural damage to any part of the brain is enough to stop the zombie). They can bleed out (major damage to the arteries of the neck, upper arms and legs can incapacitate them), and destroying the heart, lungs, spine or aorta can be instantly fatal. Some works of fiction (as well as self-proclaimed "zombie experts") would lead the public to believe that any tool that can break bones (from golf clubs, to chef's cleavers, to broomstick handles) will suffice. Capable Melee weapons are usually quite heavy, and draining to wield over time - perhaps even impossible to wield for smaller or weaker humans. This is how many guns have been designed for decades, and it is not the same situation one desires when confronted with dozens of shambling corpses.
We hope this collection will scare you and give you an idea on what it would be like to survive a zombie apocalypse.
Zombies are making a come back and I am so glad that art like this adds to the evocative qualities of potential realism.Leave a reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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