AC Racing's Blackline Bumper series can be purchased with a ball burnished aluminum finish and or powder coated black finish.
Yamaha Raptor is one of the All Terrain Vehicles manufactured by Yamaha for race and off track expedition events. Chevrolet Chevelle was a midsized car model manufactured by General Motor’s Chevrolet division from 1964 to 1977. The frame of our Black Line bumpers are larger for more coverage on the front of your quad when compared to our standard bumpers.
The first version was released in a 660 cc engine while the newer release had the 686 cc engine and was known as Raptor 700 R.

Being a quad motorcycle, the essential features are at the right place, and be it the flexible shock absorbers or the high pick – up. The fuel injected, liquid cooled engine produces a substantial 45 horsepower, which ensures a good control over irregular terrains.
You can use the standard screen we install or you can have your quad stand out by choosing from our line of Custom bumper screens.
The Raptor has some fine detailing done with the appearance and the racers find it menacing. The extra wide tires with dual grip, the firm seat with additional shock absorbers, the multiple color schemes and the overall styling make this monster look a super star.

The engine is studded with a manual gear system and the five speeds and a reverse gear ensure that there is a way out of every situation.

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