Intro: Caring for Your Worm BinThis intructable should give you a general idea of how to maintain your vermicomposting system, aka worm bin. Step 1: A word about bin designsThere are many varieties of worm bin designs, but my favorite is the indoor worm bag design.
Step 3: Open the bin, and start pulling stuff off the topOn top of the worm bin, there will be all the food scraps that the worms haven't eaten yet. Step 5: Add food scraps, paper bedding, and compost to worm binNow it's time to put everything that isn't finished compost back into the bin.
Step 6: Let it sitYou can add food scraps, more paper, or water to balance everything out, mostly you wait and let the worms do their thing. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
If one desires to keep worms for bait or for any reason where composting is not the primary objective, then this is a great solution.

Although we feed our worms mostly food scraps, if we need to boost the reproduction rates to meet high demand we give our worms a special food blend. After a little Googling, I had many options of how to build or buy a worm compost bin… but a lot of conflicting information. Our special worm chow is great for not only maximizing worm reproduction, but it also increases the size of the worms so that they can be used for bait.
Later the same day, I was out with the boys and randomly explaining to a friend, Rob Beno, that we were going to create a worm farm. It was very easy and the kids really enjoy feeding the worms and gently turning the soil every week or so to see how their worms are growing.
It has a good smell that is kind of sweet and the worms eat it off the top so quick that it does not draw pest into the worm bin. The worms are soon trained to eat on the surface of the bedding where they can be seen in dim light (light will make them retreat).

As a side benefit, you get excellent garden compost that recycles otherwise discarded kitchen scraps. Do let us know if you try this (using Rob’s great instructions) and have great success or have questions along the way.
As stated previously it is very concentrated and it is important not to use more than the worms will consume in about 12 hours.

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