If there was ever a lesson that the USMC burned into my way of thinking, it was that I never again wanted to carry any more on my back than I absolutely had to. Although I could have continued to use one of my standard packs, I begin to test one design after another from several different companies. Other features include comfortable straps, PALS attachment points sewn in convenient locations all along the sides and front of the pack, an internal key keeper inside the outside pouch, protectively coated bottom, attachment straps under the bottom, carry(drag) handle, and removable Y-shaped yoke on the top. I prefer to keep all of my zippers on the same side, and doing so, never used the bottom-most one on the main compartment. I have used this pack for two continuous years, and have absolutely no complaints whatsoever with its design or construction. Country Living, Voluntary Simplicity, Simple Living, Homesteading, survival product reviews, back to basics, alternative medicine, wild foraging. Survival School Intensive Women's Survival Program - Survival School Call Us Today!
On Sep 25, 2010 our team spend the day in the field doing extensive land navigation training.  In addition to our active field team spending over 5 hours on the course, we began training new team members on the basics of wilderness search and rescue. Get the Code Amber News Service (CANS) - The Web's Amber widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! I do not consider myself to be an ultra light backpacker or anything of the sort, but with that theory in mind, I have managed to get the amount of "must carry" items down to a much lighter payload.

These all had slightly different configurations that stemmed from the same initial concept - to take a hydration bladder and build a pack around it in such a way as to get the most benefit from a smaller overall package. It was the Maxpedition Falcon, and I carried it for over a year before upgrading it to their Falcon II model.
I didn't like for it to go all the way to the bottom because I feared that if the two zippers ever separated, there would be a hole for items to fall out of, so I para-corded it in place.
This apprenticeship program takes youth and teens on a journey through the many worlds of archery. The main differences were that in the previous model, the opening to access the water bladder was secured by Velcro and this often let little thorns and twigs inside to puncture the bladder. If you are looking for a hard use pack, and have a similar view on things, this may be worth checking out. We know many of our working women out there don’t have time to take off for weeks at a time to train survival tactics, so we have designed a crash course of skills that will teach you how to keep your ass alive no matter what the world throws at you! We train with the traditional wood bow of our Rangers Guild and also use modern laminate, recurve, compound, longbow, and more. I keep my water container in a holder under the yoke, Infinity light on non-firing shoulder strap for hands free lighting and trail navigation, a machete on the side, and my trusty hammock under the bottom and am hard pressed to imagine a better setup. It will prepare you for a wide array of circumstances and this training will give you the confidence to be more adventurous in your travels.

Knowledge is power, and we want to empower women to feel safe and confident no matter where they go.
The womens intensive program will primarily be an equipment based course and will only cover a handful of primitive techniques.
The course is designed for women of all ages and is full of must have skills to ensure that you need to survive. You will learn enough in this weekend to provide for your very basic survival necessities to ensure that you get home safe and sound!
We are going to show you what equipment you need to carry for your basic survival needs and then show you dozens of new ways to use it. Laura survived in some of the most hostile jungles on the planet completely naked for over 21 days with only one survival tool and actually survived like a queen even though the episode made it look rougher than it was.
She also has hitch hiked all through central America and Mexico solo for extended periods, testing her survival skills along the way in the jungle.
She has been a full time survival instructor for years and has traveled all over the US testing her skills in various environments.

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