Niagara Reimagined: This Ain’t No Grade School GetawayBeyond the rushing falls and flashing casinos lay Ontario’s only 56-kilometer outdoor adventure museum. With its gorgeous scenery, top notch eats, outdoor adventures, and of course natural wonders, Niagara is the perfect getaway for active travellers. What It's Like to Visit the Real Hobbiton in New ZealandWander along Bagshot Row, walk across the distinctive double-arched bridge and sink a couple of pints at the Green Dragon Inn.Niagara Reimagined: This Ain’t No Grade School GetawayThe Best Way to Explore Canada This Summer? Known as “The Suicide Forest,” more than 500 people have killed themselves in Aokigahara since the 1950s. With its name literally meaning “a thousand doors”, Lawang Sewu was built by the Dutch and overtaken by the Japanese during World War II.
Centuries later, Salem is still haunted by the Witch Trials, with sinister sites scattered across town. Supposedly, the ghost of Giles Corey lurks in the Howard Street cemetery – but residents warn against ghost hunting. Built by the Dutch East India Company, this 17th-century fort is the most haunted site in South Africa. Within its stone walls, a violent poltergeist is reported to attack people: visitors have left the cemetery with bruises, scratches, bite marks, and burns. Most of the activity occurs near the Black Mausoleum and the Covenanters’ Prison, and once you know the history, you’ll understand why.
Located in Canada’s isolated Far North, Nahanni National Park Reserve is considered a national treasure and has been the home for Dene peoples for thousands of years. For the past 100 years, decapitated corpses have been found discarded in Nahanni’s valleys. Names in the park pay homage to these terrifying stories and legends, such as Deadmen Valley, Headless Creek, Headless Range and the Funeral Range. About Lisa JacksonLisa Jackson is a freelance journalist and the editor of Eat Drink Travel Magazine. There are many types of survival shelters, but they mostly serve one basic purpose, and it isn’t to have an attractive home for the night. Hypothermia (loss of body heat) is the single biggest cause of death in a survival situation. Sometimes people with no skills survive in circumstances where others with survival knowledge have died. In other words, a little understanding of the principles involved and a willingness to think is more important than specific skills. Think of all the materials around you in terms of how waterproof they are, and how you can use them. The amount of space you create with your survival shelter is crucial if it is cold at night.
A MINIMUM OF A $50 DEPOSIT REQUIRED ON REGISTRATION -- FULL COURSE TUITION IS $150, DUE BEFORE CLASS BEGINS. Following the Survival-Bow Workshop, we will be offering a full weekend of the ancestral art of primitive arrow making. Participants will learn how to properly select, harvest, cure, and straighten arrow shafts in order to make amazing self arrows. Additionally I teach a 100+ hour herbal medicine certification course, and a comprehensive tracking certification course that spans 6 different regions of Texas.
In the classes I organize through this meetup group, I teach hands-on skills such as: Shelter building, fire making (bow drill, hand drill, fire plow, etc), self-defense, primitive engineering, brain-tanning, tracking, bow-making, cordage, containers, land navigation, nature awareness and much more.
Aside from years of exposure to wilderness living with my family as a child, I was also US Special Forces medic, and have attended classes, seminars and schools relating to this subject over the past 25+ years. I taught survival in the military in the early 90's, and also for an outdoor education school in CO that is no longer around.
Although I have a military background, I teach from an extremely earth and eco-centric standpoint.

Oh, hell, let's make it two-in-a-row round-up linkbait capitulation: Jalopnik has put together a completely spurious, thoroughly entertaining list of the "Ten Best Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles, including my lusted-after Earthroamer XV-JP.
Of course none of them are as interesting-looking as the Dobbertin Surface Orbiter above which looks like a cross between a funny car and a golf pencil. I agree, as per V and many posters at the Jalopnik website, omitting the Landmaster from Damnation Alley is a serious oversight. These all look like something the A-Team could whip up in a 30-second montage with a bicycle and some scrap metal.
I take issue with calling the Volvo C303 a knockoff – it is an original design from 1974 for the Swedish military.
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Of course there are plenty more spooky sites to be seen around the world – but these six definitely made us poop our pants a little bit.
It’s such a problem that Japanese authorities do body hunts and remove up to 100 bodies per year – often corpses dangling from trees or fully clothed skeletons in the bush. The basement of B building was turned into a prison, used to interrogate, torture, and execute inmates. Condemned spirits are said to roam the Witch House, the Lyceum Restaurant, the Joshua Ward House, and the execution site on the Summit of the Gallows.
His spirit is a bad omen – apparently, every time Corey appears, a tragedy strikes the town. Refusing to plead guilty, the Sheriff piled heavy rocks on top of Corey to elicit a confession. People report seeing the ghost of Lady Anne Barnard, the ghost of a soldier who hanged himself, and ghosts of soldiers pacing the battlements. The attacks are attributed to the ghost of George Mackenzie — a merciless judge who brutally imprisoned 1,200 Presbyterian Covenanters in an open field of the graveyard in 1679. The City of Edinburgh was so fed up with all the shenanigans that it closed off Covenanters’ Prison from the public. It’s named after a mountain-dwelling tribe called the Naha, who lived here centuries earlier but mysteriously disappeared. It’s been an ominous place since the first gold prospectors laid down their wagon wheels here.
According to the tale, their headless bodies were discovered tied to trees, with a note saying that the McLeods had found gold.
His skeletal remains were found next to his loaded gun and burned out cabin – without a skull.
With legends of haunted valleys and mountain-dwelling cannibals, along with reports of strange noises in the valley – Nahanni National Park Reserve is one place to be feared and loved. We write weekly about people and places around the world, and provide practical advice for exploring them. There might be some psychological value to certain styles, and there may ocassionally be a need for protection from animals, but the primary purpose of a survival shelter is to keep you from losing body heat. It creates a space that can be heated by your body heat itself, or with a fire or other means. Of course, best of all would be thinking, understanding and having the specific knowledge and skills to build various survival shelters. Large pieces of birch bark can be pulled from rotten logs, for example, and layered over a lean-to like shingles to keep the rain out. A snow cave or shelter made of snow blocks will keep the snow from falling on you, but you can get soaked from the snow underneath.

In order to transfer the tuition to another class (transfer fee does apply), notice must be given by March 15th. I'm looking forward to starting both these classes in the Austin area to complement the existing classes in San Antonio presently. I spent several years working on these skills by myself in forced isolation with little to no gear. Signs are posted that say, “Think of your family” and “Life is a gift from your parents.” Why is this forest so damn creepy? Many ghost sightings have been reported here, including headless ghouls and a ghost of a Dutch lady who killed herself. This curse has spanned 300 years, with a rash of Salem sheriffs suffering heart attacks and blood ailments throughout the generations. You can only visit this section on the City of the Dead tour – read about about the experience here. Often it is because they have knowledge or intuition of the principles involved in survival.
A broken canoe, for example, might be worthless for getting you down the river, but it still could be used as a shelter, or a roof for a shelter. In these cases, and when the ground is wet, make a floor of plastic or grass or evergreen branches.
You want a small enough space that your body heat or candle or small fire will be able to heat it.
The snow may not be suitable for an igloo, for example, but a lean-to made of evergreen boughs could be covered with crusty pieces of snow for extra insulation. For the class, students are provided a bamboo, rivercane, dogwood, privet, or viburnum arrow shaft to straighten, fire harden, nock, oil, decorate, haft, and fletch with primitive tools and materials in order to make a beautiful self arrow.
Otherwise, the deposit is non-refundable, as the instructor must collect class materials in advance.
Conditions were so inhumane that the Covenanters’ Prison is often described as the world’s first concentration camp. Lisa is a proud member of the Yukon's Sour Toe Cocktail Club , which she joined by letting a dead toe touch her face. It can be a great help to know how to build a lean-to shelter using natural materials, but it is also possible that a lost hiker with no skills might be more likely to survive by burying himself for the night in a pile of dry leaves. If you have limited materials, sleep sitting up to decrease the amount of your body that is exposed to the wet and cold floor.
Sleeping in a pile of dry grass with a plastic sheet spread over it, for example, is more likely to keep you warm than a large lean-to with a fire in front of it. A brush-shelter could be build inside a cave, to have rain protection while reducing the space you need to heat. All materials, including arrowheads will be provided in order for you to complete your primitive arrows. Although I live outside of San Antonio, I am also starting to teach classes in the Austin area. He might simply recognize that it is easier for his body to heat the space under those leaves. Locating your camp site in the right place makes all the difference in how much wind you are exposed to. We'd love to have you in this class -- it is an excellent companion to the bow-making series we have going on.

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