This weekend course aims to introduce you to the incredibly technical and ancient craft of flint knapping. In addition to flint, several other hard and durable natural materials can be used to create sharp edges, points and scraping tools. The course will be run from our woodland base camp with plenty of quiet corners to set up a tent amongst the Hazel, Ash, Birch and Oak. This course assembles at 7pm on the Friday and finishes at approximately 4pm on the Sunday. PLEASE NOTE: This course is one of our wilderness crafts workshops and is therefore a part self catering course. Like a trapped animal, the criminal caught in the act has been forced to react and the knife may have been the most convenient weapon they had on hand. A mentally ill knife attacker is the least skilled attacker with a blade – and the most unpredictable. Similar to a mentally ill attacker, a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol are also unpredictable. The stab knife attack is a deadly form of attack – it is meant to kill you, not slow you down. In the slash knife attack, the attacker uses a single, swinging movement with the knife, typically moving their weapon when a target presents itself. This is the most deadly form of knife attack and used by persons who are most skilled with edged weapons. During the first few seconds of a knife attack, your mind is simply trying to understand what is going on.
In the universal fighting stance, your arms and hands are brought up and in front of your body (about chin height) with elbows tucked inward to protect the sides and palms facing each other. Once in the universal fighting stance, begin moving backward, away from the attacker, in a controlled manner. If you choose to fight, you must shift from a defensive or reaction mode, into an action mode.
Most knife attackers are focused so intently on the knife in their hand, they forego use of other body parts to attack you (e.g. Arm yourself with any weapon you can find – a knife, stick, bat, belt with buckle, broken glass, etc. You can practice quickly moving into the universal fighting stance with a friend or by yourself in front of a mirror. Finally, a faux knife attack can be played in your mind, over and over, to “teach” yourself what is expected and how to react. Visit Geek Slop for bite-sized chunks of science and technology news and interesting articles catered to geeks and other superhero types.
Check out Bible Blender for bible study blended with science, history, technology, and your analysis. Interesting science news, crazy science fair experiments, fun brain games and more cool science stuff for kids, parents, teachers at Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab.
This is, perhaps, my favorite subject when it comes to camping, because I have been the chief cook and bottle-washer for our camping groups for years and years. When it comes to food and food preparation I have tried just about everything in North America (within reason, of course). I’ll be sharing ideas about cooking and food preparation techniques, menus, and traditional, gourmet and survival cooking. I will also be showing and reviewing food preparation and cooking gear made especially for camping or that I have found is ideal for camping. As always, I hope you’ll drop me a line and tell me what you think, or share a recipe or camping, hiking or survival cooking tip that you like to use. I have always believed that ready-to-eat meals are perfect for situations where you need to travel light, so if your trip is a hiking trip or a survivalist trip or if you are preparing your emergency 72-hour kit they can’t be beat. Oh god, the original 1978 version of I Spit On Your Grave, how do I review a film like this? As I tried to look for some redeeming feature in the film, I really couldn’t find any. Be sure to check out our review on the remake of I Spit On Your Grave and our interview with director Meir Zarchi. I Spit On Your Grave (1978) Blu-Ray ReviewDisappointingI Spit On Your Grave is worth the watch simply because of its legacy. You will be shown how to select the right flint nodule, break into it and using a hard, hammer stone or soft antler billet, remove razor sharp slithers and shards of varying sizes and shapes.

We’ll show you how to work bones and antlers using both ancient and modern techniques to create awls, needles, scrapers and weapon points. The materials for your projects will be harvested from these surrounding woodlands, by you. Please bring enough lunch and main meals for the duration as the base camp is quite remote and re-supply is a bit of a mission. The mentality of the knife attacker grants you clues to not only why they are attacking, but the method they will most likely use to attack you with their edged weapon. This attacker is highly dangerous because it is difficult to predict how they will react or what they intend to do with their weapon.
The influence of drugs may hinder their attack or it could enhance their ability with a weapon. Most are not simply aiming to prove themselves but rather, they want to stop you in your tracks. The attacker will use quick, short jabs while driving you backward into a reactive position. This method is commonly used with mentally ill attackers or other inexperienced knife fighters.
Knees are flexed, feet shoulder-width apart, stomach tight, strong side slightly to the read, with shoulders hunched and in. Find and move behind a protective barrier such as a car or tree (preferably not in a location that would allow you to be pinned in). You have more to fear from a deadly man than a deadly weapon – disable the attacker as quickly as possible to end the attack. Your body my not be able to physically react without actual practice, but playing a knife attack scenario in your head will train your mind how to react. For side-splitting humor, check out Funny Grins' huge cache of funny jokes, zany videos, and outrageous pictures.. At mortal journey, check out the footprints of our past - interesting stories and news about past and current trends and fads.
Frying stuff in a pan on a Coleman stove is vastly different from frying it in a pan on a campfire. It’s generally known for being just downright terrible yet you can still find a large group of people who call it one of the best revenge movies out there. Terrible actors recite terrible dialogue while it’s all captured by some terrible camera work. People call it misunderstood and a small handful call it a masterpiece but I really don’t see it.
It certainly holds a a place in film history and for that reason alone I guess it’s worth a watch. It’s interesting to hear from Meir and his take on all the criticism surrounding the film. These can be further worked using techniques such as percussion and pressure flaking to become knives, adzes, wood working tools, arrow and spear heads…in fact a whole lithic tool box! This weekend course is all about ancient crafts and in order to haft your flint blade to a handle or glue your arrow head to a shaft we’ll also provide (and in some cases demonstrate the manufacture of) birch tar, pine pitch and animal hide glue, sinew and rawhide bindings and natural plant fibre twisted cord. They are likely not an experienced knife fighter and may have pulled their weapon as a means to “posture” themselves. With quick thinking on your part, they may leave you with additional options to avoid the attack altogether. The stabs are typically aimed at your body (mentally ill attackers may aim for your face) and are often used in ambush style attacks. If a slash attack is used by a more experienced knife fighter, they will typically slash at your neck.
The attacker will slash at you (likely aiming for your neck or a body part that you have presented for defense) and follow quickly with a stabbing movement. Your mind is racing, trying to decode a situation that it likely has never encountered before.
If the situation (and time) permits, you can wrap something around your forearms (shirt, belt, or jacket) to protect the vulnerable inner forearm area.
I may as well bring canned beans, which I secretly find delicious but treat with scorn when camping.
Maxine Lundquist on Selecting the Right Camping Chairapril on Selecting the Right Camping ChairR. It boasts the longest, most self-indulgent, excessive and unnecessarily prolonged rape scene ever committed to celluloid.

She travels from New York City to the countryside one summer as she plans to get some peace and quiet so she can write her first novel. And then of course there are the people who question how and why something like this was ever made. I didn’t have a problem with the remake, as the acting was fine, production values high and there was no over-extended rape sequence. He was a great guy and very interesting to talk to but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get a sense as to why he made this film, and the fact that he never really did anything else after it is even more baffling.
You will have full use of our kitchen and cooking equipment and your food will be stored securely in waterproof containers or a cool box provided by us. As such, avoid the tendency to underestimate a knife attack from a person under the influence of alcohol. Since you are essentially defenseless during this period of time, the first few milliseconds of the knife attack are extremely dangerous. The most vulnerable areas are the neck and side of the head, inner arms, inner thighs, and the sides of your body.
Again, practice can help reduce the time it takes you to move from the “startled” mode to the defensive mode.
Watch for the opportunity to grab the knife wielding arm, preferably at the wrist of muscle of their thumb. Turns out, peace and quiet is the last thing she’ll be getting as a group of locals proceed to harass her and eventually rape her, brutally. No real soundtrack is found here, a severe lack of direction is apparent and the characters are duller than doorknobs and thinner than paper, there is no sense of character to be found with any of them. I’m not exactly pissed off at the film, like so many critics are, I just struggle to understand why it was made. It sounds like he’s reading from written notes but he still drops a few nice tidbits of trivia here and there.
That being said, over the years, it has worked its way into film history and for that reason alone, it is worth a watch. Just because their reaction time has been slowed does not mean they are not a threat – even a small child can kill a man with a sharp knife. In this type of attack, it is important that you watch for a pattern and “rhythm” to their attack that you can effectively anticipate and defend against. The attacker is in complete control and attacking a victim that has yet to begin to defend himself. To defend, shift quickly to the “universal fighting stance” (or “natural stance”) while presenting the least vulnerable areas of your body to the attacker.
You want the attacker to stop thinking about killing you and instead, turn their focus to their own survival. I could give examples of several of the absolutely ridiculous things that occur with these characters but I’d rather not spoil anything.
Instead, quickly shift into a defensive position, hands and arms up, presenting the outside of your forearms toward the attacker (inner forearm damage is to be avoided – a cut to the inner forearm can not only damage vulnerable arteries but may also damage muscle tissue which will prevent you from gripping a weapon yourself).
Once the attacker’s focus turns from the attack to defending their own safety, the situation has shifted in your favor. Little do they know, Jennifer is still alive and plotting out her revenge, her brutal and vicious revenge that is. The decisions that the characters make here are just so moronic that you sometimes feel as if they deserve exactly what’s coming to them. Practice can teach you how to decrease this period of innate inactivity, the span of time when you are most vulnerable, so you can quickly shift into a defensive position. It’s been banned in numerous countries and people have become physically ill while watching it. That being said, the film has gained cult status by now, no doubt, but is it worth a watch? The only other worthy special feature, The Values of Vengeance, has Meir Zarchi reminiscing on the film and chatting about it for half an hour. It doesn’t look great but it is still a thousand times better looking than the original print. There is a bit of overlap between this and his commentary but it’s still worth checking out.

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