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I am famous for having said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." On April 12, l945, at age 63, I died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Lewis and Clark hired Toussaint and me as guides and interpreters on their journey to explore the Louisiana Purchase. I hope that you remember me, Sacagawea, as the Shoshone Indian woman who helped guide Lewis and Clark on their expedition. Amelia Earhart took off from Oakland, California on this day in 1937 to begin a record-breaking flight around the world. Young Patriot Amelia Earhart* is the first woman to complete a solo trans-Atlantic flight on this day in 1932. Young Patriots Series illustrator Cathy Morrison's artwork was recently featured in an exhibit at the Highlands Ranch Library in Colorado. Don't miss our feature articles this month on baseball, mysterious airplane disappearances and more! As National Sport and Fitness month, May is the perfect time to learn more about our favorite sports and the natural world. Why not embrace the natural beauty around us this May by reading about the Young Patriot who helped to preserve it? On May 20, 1937, Amelia and her navigator took off from Oakland, California to begin a record-breaking flight around the world. Amelia was named Amelia Mary Earhart after her two grandmothers, Amelia Harres Otis and Mary Wells Earhart. Amelia and Muriel had two imaginary playmates, Laura and Ringa, with whom they shared great adventures. Amelia was supposed to land on Howland Island the night she disappeared during her around-the-world flight. As the school year comes to a close, keep your child reading this summer with the gift that keeps on giving though The Young Patriot of the Month Year-Long Subscription! Already at a savings of up to $41, the Young Patriot of the Month Subscription is available for the months of May and June ONLY at an ADDITIONAL 5% discount (off the already 20% discounted price) PLUS FREE SHIPPING! To take advantage of this special offer, print the special order form, order online, fax to 413-215-8030, or MAIL to Patria Press, Inc.

Highway 1804 is the most scenic route from Bismarck up to Washburn in North Dakota, not only because it runs alongside the Missouri River, but because mid-summer, youre bound to see dry bean fields flowering along the way.This roadway is so named because it was the route that Lewis and Clark navigated through North Dakota in the fall of 1804, paddling their two canoes and a keelboat up the Missouri River.
Named for the American Indian woman who helped guide Lewis & Clark 200 years ago, this lake is filled by the Missouri River and contained by the Garrison Dam.
The state’s largest natural body of water has roughly quadrupled in size since 1993, and fish populations have kept up. Forming the boundary between Minnesota and North Dakota, this river serves as one long recreational playground for canoeing, boating and fishing opportunities year-round.
They needed someone to guide them on their journey as they made their way along the unfamiliar land.
Young Patriot Abner Doubleday* is credited as being the inventor of baseball though his life’s accomplishments reach far beyond the baseball diamond. Her plane disappeared somewhere around New Guinea and was never found but people keep searching! We invite you to take advantage of a great opportunity to keep the children in your life reading with the Young Patriots Series not just throughout the long summer days but all year around. Enjoyed by so many, the experience of the game doesn't have to end after the seventh inning. John Audubon's fascination with and love for birds became his legacy, as he achieved worldwide fame as America's leading wildlife artist. Somewhere between New Guinea and Howland Island, their plane disappeared, and was never found. A diary of events kept by a reporter sent to the island in 1937 to cover the story of her landing recently turned up on ebay. She used her knowledge of the land and navigation skills to help them find the West, and was an indispensable part of the expedition.
If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, contact Customer Service for help restoring access to your account. Walleye fishing here is among the best you'll find but there are other whoppers out there: northern pike, bass, perch and even catfish. The huge lake covers more shoreline than the state of California and is home to walleye, northern pike and Chinook salmon, to name a few.
And just south of Garrison Dam is an area known as the Tailrace, which is home to state records for Chinook salmon, brown trout, rainbow trout and cutthroat trout that were caught within 20 miles downstream of the dam.

You'll find northern pike, walleye, white bass and crappie and excellent ice fishing in the winter. Its many surrounding small bodies of water are perfect for an afternoon on the water chasing pike, walleye and bluegills. I was the Shoshone Indian woman who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their journey to the Pacific Ocean. As the school year comes to an end, it is important to honor our teachers for their lasting contributions to our lives! Did you know William Clark’s older brother, Young Patriot George Rogers Clark*, was also an explorer? He also organized the first bird-banding experiment in North America to learn more about the animals' habitat. Have students write their own theories about what they think happened to Amelia Earhart on her final journey.
It was purchased by TIGHAR, the group that has mounted numerous expeditions to search for Amelia. And at the western reaches of the river in North Dakota, anglers can find one of the better spots in the country to snag a giant paddlefish in late spring. Anglers can find walleye and northern pike in this area, but there’s also crappie, catfish and white bass swimming around.
Take a break from casting and check out the two swimming beaches, three miles of hard-surfaced walking and biking trails and the world-class disc golf course. Though Young Patriot Abner Doubleday is credited as the inventor of the modern game of baseball, his success on the Civil War battlefields was his real accomplishment. Do you think he could have ever imagined as a young man, serving as a captain and lieutenant colonel in the Union Army, that he would some day be renowned for his contributions to America's sports and leisure activities?

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