My first purchase of this was 1988 along with the appropriate Armani Slate Gray and Steel Blue Casual elegance. The Vintage had a very cool,sleek, classic, citrus and Lavender opening supported by a dry Oakmoss and high quality synthetic Sandalwood.
This, along with a number of 60's, 70's and 80's perfumes, has suffered greatly from the removal of Natural Oakmoss and HQ synth Sandalwood. I really love this old classic, especially the vintage formula (which you still find by the way).
I have just ordered 100ml with very good price got a add %20 discount on web so this is first time I will have this one.hope I like it.
I Had it To Times, Super elegant and Classy but, Sillage and projection only Average, but is good one definetly.
How ever and this is the heart breaker, the smell lasts about 15mins before it is so close to the skin that it is imperceptible to all bit the wearer pr the person romantically ensconced with the same.
Continued from the review below, I have also had the immense pleasure of experiencing the deodorant, the soap and the aftershave balm, all vintage. This is what class smells like though the sent is slightly dated and for mature men Im 15 but this smells really good to me strong notes would be citrus vetiver and the sandalwood Base this is awesome but the longevity is meh on my skin about 4hrs max.
Out of all Armani's fragrance, Armani Eau Pour Homme by far one of the most exquisite and graceful men's fragrance from his line!!
To give this fragrance the most ELEGANT, SOFT AND DESIRABLE aroma , the notes of lavender, jasmine as well as sandalwood complete this fragrance making it absolutely AMAZING. The fragrance is truly a global success which is still going strong since its creation back in 84'. When y spray it, it opens with a powerful freshness based on that typical Italian-citric note. Although marketed to men, it's such a fresh smell practically anyone could potentially wear it. This stuff's really nicely composed, though maybe not quite interesting enough for me to buy.
In a suprising parallel to Bulgari, the marble-like grayish packaging fits the scent uncannily well.
I read a story about this fragrance as worn by the Legendary Italian Football (Soccer in the US) player Franco Baresi. Jessica Back for YSL–A face of Yves Saint Laurent fragrances since 2012, Jessica Chastain is back again for the spring-summer 2014 promotional images for the fashion house’s YSL Manifesto fragrance. A citrus based scent that is refined and distinguished, masculine and fresh at the same time; when first sprayed has a dynamic and invigorating lemon freshness to it. First time I really smelled it, I was like "this is what I've been searching for!" I had been lusting after a certain smell, the classic, like something my grandfather would have worn, and I have to say I experienced what I'm sure can only be compared to a junkie's high when I smelled it. This one starts of VERY citrusy, so much it could almost hurt your nose, while still pleasant if you don't over-inhale.
Bokaba may be right about it being a less-sweet Monsieur de Givenchy, and I'd also say it's a tad more floral.
The lack of silver accents and the presence of the brown motley inhomogeneities match the slightly more organic character of Armani compared to the warmer but more impersonal Bulgari.

Apparently he used to annoy opposing attacking players who during the course of a game would be engaged in a duel with him to try to score a goal in the part of the pitch that he was so elegantly defending - defending to the strong whiff of this very same fragrance.
The sultry redhead poses for Max Vadukul in a series of sunny snaps taken on location in Los Angeles, California.
Spontaneous and grand refreshment greets you at the top, brought to you by citruses: Sicilian mandarin, Californian green lemon, bergamot and petit grain (citrus leaf). A close cousin to Eau Sauvage (with that bitter note), as well as a number of classic colognes, Armani's Eau refreshes in hot weather and radiates a clean, crisp, polite air.
The SILVER BASE is the synthetic copy, which does not even come close to the original after the dry down. Extremely versatile and can be worn for formal occasions such as meetings and evening dinners or casually in the warmer months. But you have to go quite heavy here I sparyed one on the neck left side and one on the neck right side. Classic, elegant, discreet and unintrusive, with a general softness which makes it remarkably graceful and relaxed. It opens with a nice natural leafy lime: a crisp, starched-shirt kind of smell, almost completely unsweet. The other analogy I draw is to Tuscany; I think Armani is how I expected Tuscany to smell before it turned out more musty and less citrusy than I wanted.
Since her Vogue cover last year, Jessica has been pretty quiet on the fashion scene but with three movies set to come out this year, we’re sure we will be seeing more of the actress soon. Classic in the sense that there's no modern sweet twist or aqua note, just a traditional blend that recalls a time when colognes were relatively straightforward and not necessarily simple, but restrained and conservative. I you would meet the person that you are interested in and would make a decent approach over a very expensive dinner, I think that you should try this. Dry down is slightly musky, but the overall citrus freshness is retained close to the skin as the vetiver announces its arrival.
While the deodorant and shampoo smell pretty much the same, the aftershave balm smells like the finest lotion, while the scent plays in the background. The darker earthy base is light, but detectable, giving the right amount of "masculine substance" to the scent.
It also contains a mineral, grayish-green watery plant note which, to me, foreshadows the cucumber portion of the "cucumber melon" shampoos, lotions, etc. At the heart there are elegant jasmine and lavender, accompanied by spices: nut, coriander, cinnamon and clove. Great for those times you want to smell fresh and clean without calling attention to the fact that you're wearing something, and for that, I like it a little better than Eau Sauvage. You get a date from approaching her, and you are at the top of your game this is exactly how this fragrance makes you feel.
It is lightly spicy, still citrus and refined with the characteristic woods, though the florals are noticeably absent.
The florals also shine beautifully, none particularly distinguishable, so as to create the effect of a lightly pungent yet relaxing bouquet. Perfect for day, it evokes the Italian heat, but is also classy enough for nighttime, though in an intimate low light setting like a dinner, I would opt for something smoother.

Nothing new or breathtaking, but surely a totally modern and versatile signature scent, refined and good quality (at least its vintage version). If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. The base is filled with warm sandalwood and masculine cedar, vetiver, oakmoss and patchouli that give the fragrance depth and natural feeling. Have both the old and new versions - in a side by side test, they did a pretty good job with the new one. If there is any scent that Giorgio Armani himself would wear, then I imagine this could be the one. The soap and deodorant provide a smooth base for the magical cologne, and the aftershave balm finishes it with a powdery finesse, like a perfect gentleman. In drying down, the warmness of the patchouli becomes more noticeable and the bitterness of the citrus plays in to create not the usual chypre but something far more unique and fine-tuned. I agree with Luca Turin noticing a close similarity to Eau Sauvage – or better say, a bit of a washed down version of Dior's milestone.
This brew lies somewhere between a classic citrus Eau de Cologne, and things like Bulgari and Gendarme that I categorize as clean, professional background scents.
I waved a sprayed test strip of this at my parents, and my dad thought the soapiness was too harsh. This is one scent you will love to surround yourself with, I highly recommend trying these products if you are as infatuated with the scent as much as I am. The bad smell associated with this cologne is that the citruses can sometimes smell sour and too sharp. Right at the beginning, I'll agree with him, but this aspect subsides as the scent progresses. When my mother comes she identifies this fragrance immediately, saying wow your room smells beautiful.
This "bad" smell I mention (every perfume has one) is simply our brain misinterpreting it, but it does happen.
Eventually, very little of the citrus is left, and only the grayish mineralic plant aura remains, with a little extra vetiver and wood.
This one will make your eyes water, so if a girl doesn't like you, this cologne won't win her affection. All in all, the scent is the typical cologne smell, only (in my opinion) the highest class of it, and should not be dismissed among the countless other citrus based fragrances out there. It has been reformulated, and while the new edition smells wonderful, they are of the same class but altogether not a substitution for eachother.
This is a rare gem and if you can find the vintage, it is well worth the price, no matter what they're charging.

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