What is the newspapera€™s attitude towards a) the rioters b) the authorities c) Sir Charles Wetherell? He issued the directives on Friday while chairing a meeting to review the state of STEM subjects.
The meeting was also attended by Higher Education Commission Chairman Dr Mukhtar Ahmed and other education officials from federal and provincial bodies.
The minister said that science and computer labs in every high school, science fairs and competitions and effective monitoring and evaluation systems would be part of  the plan. Iqbal said that “we need activity-based learning to explore creativity and imagination among the students to develop critical thinking in them”. He said that public universities should organise refresher courses for the students so that they could compete with students at private varsities. The leader of the North Carolina State Senate, Phil Berger (R-Rockingham Co.), is once again trying to end the grip that tenure has on the education system in the state.
Under the proposal filed Tuesday, certain job protections for veteran public schoolteachers would end in the fall 2014 school year.
Currently under NC state law, teachers who have completed four years of service receive tenure. Berger and fellow Senators introduced this legislation today as a comprehensive overhaul to the state’s system, including ending teacher tenure. Liberal organizations supporting teacher tenure and opposing educational reforms were quick to bemoan Berger’s legislation.

Diane Ravitch, a national figure in education policy analysis, was in Raleigh this month and criticized Berger’s bill.
Bernie Sanders campaigned against a rigged system, but the Democratic National Committee brushed off those charges as a conspiracy. Wikileaks released almost 20,000 emails from the DNC showing that the party was working to embarrass the senator.
Another email from Mark Paustenbach, the Democratic Party’s national press secretary and deputy communications director, detailed how the party wanted to plant stories in the press that the campaign was in disarray and that Sanders had mismanaged it. The WikiLeak email breach is just one in a series of files from the Democratic Party showing that they were secretly doing everything they could to make sure Sanders’s nomination failed.
Actor Danny DeVito joins Chris Jansing to discuss his support for Bernie Sanders and how he believes the presidential candidate will bring people together. Craig Melvin discusses the major events happening that could have an effect on the 2016 election with msnbc host of “The Majority Report,” Sam Seder, and Mic News senior editor, Elizabeth Plank. NBC’s senior political reporter, Perry Bacon, joins Craig Melvin to discuss the Annual Faith & Freedom Coalition that will give several notables in the GOP an opportunity to address religious rights. Tensions arose between Paul Ryan and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen during the hearing over IRS emails. The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim, and msnbc’s Karen Finney, joins Craig Melvin to discuss President Obama’s trip to the Democratic National Committee’s annual LGBT Gala. Craig Melvin discusses the cities seized by ISIS and the role U.S warships will play in Iraq with msnbc military analyst, Colonel Jack Jacobs.

World Post correspondent, Sophia Jones, joins to discuss how ISIS seizing Tal Afar is affecting the refugees, who left their country’s civil war. Msnbc’s Chris Jansing is moving to the Washington to become the new Senior White House Correspondent.
Hillary Clinton defended her support of same-sex marriage during an interview with NPR, saying her decision was not based on politics.
Iqbal said that excellence in science, technology and engineering at school, college and university levels was vital to produce eminent scientists, engineers and technicians. First, local school boards by the end of 2013 can offer four-year contracts to teachers with at least three years’ experience. Now with his second crack at a new “Excellent Schools Act,” Berger said he believes items left on the table in 2012 can win approval this year, particularly on teacher tenure.
Jerry Tillman of Randolph County and Dan Soucek of Watauga County — also would tinker with the new A-to-F grading system for parents to evaluate their child’s school based on whether schools exceeded, met or failed to meet growth goals on student performance tests. New leaked emails from the DNC, however, show that the party was working to discredit the Vermont senator throughout his campaign. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist,” he wrote.

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