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Capping off a week full of surprises, SNAFUs and ceremony, the Republican nominee for President delivered a scripted acceptance speech noteworthy not for what was in it, but what wasna€™t: Donald Trumpa€™s signature off-prompter ad libs. On the contrary, Trump showed a rare discipline on a night many people never thought theya€™d see. But is he leaving the Republican National Convention in better shape than he entered it, or worse?
The first two nights of speeches hummed a similar refrain: a€?Lock her up!a€? Many media worry warts fretted that this went too far, was too angry and too belligerent. If Republicans cana€™t rant about her ills in a room full of Republicans, Ia€™m afraid wea€™re becoming a nation of pearl clutchers. If only the Trump campaign were savvy and canny enough to realize they could have ended the media frenzy that followed days earlier by admitting her speech writer lifted the lines, the ensuing days might have been dominated by more pleasing headlines. On the final day of the convention, where Trump himself was slated to give his big address, the morning headlines were dominated by something hea€™d already said, to the New York Times. If the sum of the parts can add up to the whole, Trump left this convention up only slightly, thanks in large part to people who are not him a€” his kids, his running mate, his former rival. CLEVELAND (JTA) — Thursday night, it turns out, would not be the night Donald Trump made his “pivot,” or toned down his rhetoric to appeal to a broad spectrum of Americans. But there was a Trump who made overtures to the wider electorate, with friendly language and — in the context of a Republican convention — gutsy policies. In her speech introducing her father Thursday, the candidate’s elder daughter had no problem breaking Republican orthodoxies. Following a couple paragraphs of Trump-style bravado (America will know “what it is like to win again”), Ivanka hit the crowd with a surprise: After a year of campaigning with the Republican nominee, she’s not a Republican. That message is similar to one Donald Trump has been trying to send for a while: His campaign isn’t about party doctrine. Not so for Ivanka, who has taken flak in recent months for standing up for her father, a candidate with a history of making misogynistic statements and whose campaign has been accused of failing to condemn the anti-Semitism of some of its supporters. Beyond explicitly turning to millennial voters, who are largely liberal, she appealed to women by taking up an issue usually associated with Hillary Clinton.
Ivanka also invoked the family business to reach out to minorities who may be turned off by Trump’s rhetoric on immigration and crime. She was also floated, by her adoring father during a presidential debate, as being worthy of gracing the $10 bill — and a few weeks back, there was even casual talk that Ivanka would be the perfect running mate for the Donald: a young, smart, uplifting woman who could soften his hard edges.

That, of course, didn’t happen. But judging by the glowing reception she received last night, she may end up playing as important a role on the campaign trail as Mike Pence, the running mate her father ultimately selected. Bernie Sanders speaking on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, July 25, 2016. This Monday is definitely a big day for the Grand Old Party, as they’re about to kick off their National Convention, an event expected to bring the unity they need so much.
According to Fox News, Trump reached this position after defeating 16 challengers in the primary, thanks to his message that managed to appeal millions of Americans disaffected by the the small amount of economic opportunities and constantly concerned about national security.
However, it shouldn’t be ignored that right in the verge of the Republican National Convention, 44% of voters say that they would select somebody else to be on the ticker in November, instead of Donald Trump.
The tweet also included a Vine which has since been deleted and a link to the OurMine website.
A warning pops up from Twitter if one tries to access the OurMine website, advising that it is probably not safe, according to the report. What happens when you combine an economic downturn with insensitive governments and employers?
Olivia is a multi-faceted reporter who has worked with a variety of media outlets including Fox Sports, Tampa Media Group and PBS. I give this a neutral rating a€” didna€™t necessarily help the nominee, but definitely didna€™t hurt him. Instead, campaign goon Paul Manafort insisted the lines werena€™t plagiarized, and were just a€?common phrases,a€? only for the campaign to admit later her speechwriter made a mistake and had offered her resignation. When Cruz reportedly told Trump he didna€™t plan to endorse him at the convention, and Trump still gave him a speaking slot, that should have been a big red flag to Cruz a€” caution ahead.
Had Trumpa€™s mouth and Trumpa€™s campaign goons not gotten in the way, this RNC might have been an unequivocal success. She introduced him when he announced his candidacy, stood by his side as he won primary after presidential primary and, before the tens of thousands who filled the Quicken Loans arena and the millions more watching around the world, gave the preamble to his speech accepting the Republican nomination for the presidency.
While Pence, a conservative Christian, is working to shore up the GOP’s base, Ivanka is poised to help expand it. Secretary of State John Kerry met in Paris with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. There’s no secret that Donald Trump managed to split the party in several groups, a lot of members not being fans of the idea that the businessman is their presumptive nominee for the General Elections.
Back in May, just 48% of Republicans believed in this idea, but the number rose to 60% last month, as soon as Trump managed to gather enough delegates to secure the nomination.
Also, the Democrats are in the same situation, the same amount of voters saying they’d rather see Bernie Sanders as the nominee.
In a party that is still divided over their nominee, the one uniting principle to which every Republican adheres is the contemptibility of Hillary Clinton, a woman who has lied and dodged and ducked her way through her political career.

As a writer, I find plagiarism to be pretty offensive, but I can also understand how this particular mistake might have happened to her a€” not by her. Each of them gave us, in their own individual ways, a sneak peak into the Trump family and made strong cases for their fathera€™s character.
And sure enough, just as Cruz is wrapping up, and ita€™s clear to delegates he is not going to give them what they want a€” a full-throated endorsement a€” Trump masterfully enters the convention hall to steal Cruza€™s thunder. He joked that most people didna€™t know who he was, and gave a speech that introduced the country to his character and his convictions. It’s an issue that she has championed outside the campaign, on her lifestyle website, on her social media pages and in a forthcoming book. Ivanka, who underwent an Orthodox conversion to Judaism prior to marrying her husband, Jared Kushner, is herself a working mother of three young children.
Kaine is a former mayor of Richmond, a former Virginia governor, a former Democratic National Committee chairman and now Virginia’s junior U.S.
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Maybe there werena€™t the stories of diaper changes and camping trips that other kids could tell about their dads, but even their accounts of working with Trump in his company were more insightful than wea€™d previously heard. I do know Mike Pence, so I was not surprised to see him deliver such eloquent, principled and rallying remarks that both explained his vision of conservatism and made the case that Trump was the candidate to make that vision a reality. He echoed Reagan and Nixon, and stoked a conservative indignation that coursed through the whole week in Cleveland. And last night, she promised that her cause was also her father’s — that if elected he would be an ally in the fight for equal pay, affordable childcare and other policies that would ease the burden on working mothers.
His kids are inarguably impressive, and if youa€™re unsure about voting for Trump, they might have been his best character witnesses.
If that was meant to make a point, the only one he made was that he cannot out-maneuver Donald Trump. Even if you disagree, like I do, it was the most convincing defense of Trumpa€™s readiness and ability to perform the job. One Republican congressman, who had supported Cruz, told me, a€?Cruz lost the party, while Pence just became its leader.a€? Even if Pence and Trump are polar opposites, whomever made the decision to put Pence on the ticket made the right one.
Predictably, his words set off alarms in European capitals and served as an unwanted reminder of his recklessness and his political bewilderment. Holton, who is the daughter of former Republican Governor Linwood Holton, also has a career in public service.

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