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Tension rose in Athens on the 4th of December as nurses who are on a 48h national strike occupied the Ministry of Health.

At the same time the weekly protest march of students against the implementation of the educational law that caused a virtual uprising in 2006-2007 ended up with clashes with riot police forces (MAT) when the latter arrested one man.
When the protesters tried to take the arrested from the hands of the police tear gas was fired at them, leading to widespread clashed in the center of Athens and especially around the School of Architecture (Polytechneio).
During the clashes one motorbike squad policeman was injured and his bike destroyed while one shop owner was reported to have shot warning rounds of live ammunition causing a further escalation of violence. The School of Architecture like more and more Universities across the country is now being occupied by students. If the general strike, and the reasons for it, were displayed and explained on the news--the majority of US citizens would be rallying their support for the Greek people and their demands. It’s a lonely world these days for an anti-parliamentary socialist with all politics seeming to have taken a back seat to the current Labour Party shenanigans.

The second instalment of a series of reports from a couple of CGT members visiting Tunisia. A humorous article dealing with the right-wing online media's discovery of a May 1st poster made by members of the Workers Solidarity Alliance. We share a recognition that there are many ways of experiencing Judaism, understanding Torah and loving Israel.
Why aren't the unions and workers of the US in the streets making demands until they are fulfilled?

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