He discloses that he is considering to have his daughter relocated to Kenya should Trump’s anti-terror immigration policy become real next year.
While rounding up his speech at his party’s convention in Cleveland Ohio, Donald Trump, once again, revealed how he will block immigrants. The Republican Party’s candidate gave a 75-minute anti-terror immigration policy speech.
Mr Trump talked about limiting immigration from countries that face challenges from terrorism.

And having in mind that Kenya still has Al-shabaab to deal with, Shaffie feels Kenyans are among the affected countries and sees the need to start making plans ahead of time. Since his trip, he has been speaking to several entertainment CEOs as he hopes to get some of the world’s greatest showbiz acts to come to Kenya. I have had a chance to open up entertainment deals with a number of key entertainment stables that are interested in investing money in Kenya. By the end of the two weeks that I am here, I will have covered a lot of ground,” Shaffie told Pulse.

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