These cute little guys, the Fennec Foxes, can be found in the Sahara Desert and they are nocturnal animals. If we were to think of the Fennec Fox in a FurryTalk manner, we’d say they are tiny and furry Dumbos, ready to take off any minute Really special and cute, aren’t they? Mullen is a fourth year student who is working towards degrees in Anthropology and Ethnic Studies.
While each program provides a unique experience, working with elephants stood out to Mullen.
Mullen and other volunteers were able to bathe, feed, and interact with a variety of elephants and their caregivers. The second week of the trip was spent working with a girl’s school located outside of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Although the main purpose of the trip was service work, this program also provided the ability to enjoy Thailand to the fullest.

While obtaining course credit for this program was not an original goal, Mullen says she may be able to get it approved in the fall. In June Mullen traveled to Thailand to work alongside wildlife researchers and fellow conservation enthusiasts to protect endangered elephants. She heard about this opportunity through an EDventure representative who came and visited her class.
They also helped with manual labor, such as cleaning enclosures, harvesting sugarcane, filling potholes and planting.
Tasks including painting, building a duck house and fixing up a basketball court for the girls. The final week of the trip was filled with fun activities, including zip lining, participating in Thai cooking class, visiting a Buddhist temple and visiting a local lake. Even if it does not count towards her degrees, she said that this program was the most life-changing experience she has ever had and would recommend it to anyone wishing to travel and make a difference in another country.

They are the smallest species of the canidae (wolves, dogs, foxes, coyotes…) family and have amazingly adapted to the rough climate conditions. While this opportunity was a life-changing experience, she was also able to impact a cause that was and continues to be much bigger. EDventure allows volunteers to choose what program they want to help with, along with which area of the world: either Thailand, Cambodia, Nicaragua or Costa Rica.

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