For any growing nation education is most important aspect in all terms may it be human development or mechanical development , although education comes after hunger but know after 65 years of independence , hunger is not our major problem but education is .
Politician should be people with high education because many leadership attributes are gained through education. I totally have to disagree that education makes men for see things and value things better. As we look today’s scenario, India though is developing faster, but it is also lagging behind in some areas which can not be overlooked.
Our politicians also represent India on international front, thus educational qualification should be must. In the present scenerio of globalisation politicians have to be well that they can well understand the happenings and can control the youth in a better way!! Recent CommentsKurle Amruta on What is UPSC Exam and How should I prepare?TARIQUE ANWAR on Top IAS Coaching Centres in Ghaziabadanjali mishra on PLACEMENT CRITERIA FOR ZENSAR TECHNOLOGIES LTD. A report which covers various aspects of the skills and educational performance of Glasgow, drawing conclusions on Glasgow’s performance in relation to the strategic objective of creating a Smarter Scotland.

An extension of the GCPH's work profiling Glasgow's health, produced in collaboration with the International Future Forum. Leaders with no education can not cope up with the change hence it hinders country development. So this leads to a very common discussion that Weather Educational Qualifications for politicians are necessary or not? They have no educational qualifications that they can speak of and yet are great leaders, in fact they are among the most powerful motivation of the world. For this we need quiet good and well educated person who could guide us and can lead us as well as nation to the right place and position that it actually desreves.
As now a days it is the basic need of a person, but yes, it should not be fixed till a certain level. A leader should be matured, experienced, kind, educated, and should understand peoples feelings, thinking, vision etc. I hope you all will like your small friend thinking, In my view politicians needed Higher education, because they are the persons rule the society.

Unfortunately the highly educating peoples like IAS Officers working under the uneducated persons and also there is no rule for politician’s education. The above guidelines may not be applicable in cases where specific Educational Qualifications and experience has been prescribed by Department of Expenditure (e.g.
The level of IT skill may be prescribed keeping in view the duties level and responsibilities attached to the post. For promotion, it may be stipulated that promotions would be made subject to employees successfully completing the prescribed training course.

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