Due to the limitation of this release, many of us were eager to scoop them up via resellers. Fake Education was able to break down all the differences between real and fake pairs to help you from not getting burned and knowing what to look for. The Air Jordan 9 Kilroy Pack was a group of six separate colorways of the Air Jordan 9 that all released during the 2012 Holidays. Nike Soccer is set to release their newest Nike Soccer Elite Pack for the summer with four classic silhouettes.
The Air Jordan 1 will be celebrating the 2016 Rio Olympics with the debut of the Air Jordan 1 Olympic Medal Pack.
The Jordan Trainer 1 Low Michigan colorway will be the first released Air Jordan shoe from Jordan Brand. Excellent variety, including historical, cultural and walking with every opportunity to choose activities. Since being established in 2000, the Ad Terrae Gloriam (ATG) Trust has supported numerous worthwhile projects throughout the areas we visit in Europe and further afield.

Mahout School, Laos: The establishment of a school based at the Laos Elephant Sanctuary to provide quality training to mahouts to enable them to work in tourism as tour guides and leaders of elephant treks. Bedouin Candles, Jordan  This project was to create a candle-making workshop, as an income for the Bedouin, as an alternative to previous ecologically damaging land use practices.
Gavelli Frescoes parts 1& 2, Umbria, Italy  Restoration of a fine cycle of frescos by Lo Spagna 1518 in a church in Gavelli, a small village in Umbria. Repair of the Azogres Bridge, Crete Repair and restoration of an unsafe 19C bridge along a historical path from Azogyres to Anidri, which leads to the Monastery of Saint John the Foreigner and the 99 Fathers. Tomba della Sirena Tuscany, Italy  The restoration of La Tomba Della Sirena – The Tomb of the Mermaid – which is one of the fine array of Etruscan tombs to be found in Sovana.
Restoration of Four de Py Bread Oven, Dordogne  This is a small building of remarkable heritage. Laikipia reforestation, Kenya  The degraded land afforestation project aims to reverse severe soil erosion and improve soil fertility. Yew Forest Conservation, Garrotxa, Spain  The European Yew (Taxus baccata L.) is a protected tree, highly prized for medical applications, the conservation of yew trees is of great ecological significance.

Restoration of Tuixent Madonna, Catalonia, Spain  Restoration of a striking statuette of the Madonna in the church in Tuixent.
La Madonna di Loreto – Restoration of church, La Morra, Piedmont, Italy Restoration of the small church of La Madonna di Loreto stands proudly overlooking vineyards outside the little town of La Morra. Church of San Leolino, Restoration of 15C Polyptych, Tuscany, Italy  The restoration of the 15th Century Polyptych by Mariotto di Nardo, located in the apse of the church. Geraci Roman Road, Sicily  The conservation of a section of the Roman road between Gangi and Geraci, including a fine Roman bridge. Butterfly Conservation, UK The large blue butterfly is being re-introduced to areas in the UK following its extinction in 1979.

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