Sometimes there’s nothing more intriguing than a homegrown product, as is the case with PARTYNEXTDOOR. Just like Drake and the Weeknd (the comparisons cannot be ignored), PARTYNEXTDOOR’s aesthetic is based on emotional evocation and recreating his experience for the listener. What separates his production style and what makes that style the strength of the album is his attention to the details in each track. Just a month ago Maggie Rogers finally released one of the best tracks of the year across all streaming platforms.
One to never miss a hot track to remix, Luca Lush created this remix and teamed up with Bishu. Luca Lush and Bishu flex their production prowess here as the song is now entirely in their control.
Lush synths stab over trap influenced drums, and expertly placed vocal samples dance over the commotion.
Maggie Roger’s vocals appear again for the second verse, floating on top of the held piano chords that are produced backwards sonically to swell. With a shattering bass kick and fluttering hi-hats, the track reaches a pinnacle at this final section with a loud crash.

His sound is predicated on the aura of the club, a place he clearly frequents, according to his lyrics. It’s R&B music tinged with EDM influences hitting the listener with low, rumbling, spaced-out bass lines and hazy synth work. While subtle, the accoutrements within his songs are reminiscent of Timbaland’s earlier work with Aaliyah.
His versatility shows that he is more than adequate as a rapper and a singer, but also that he can walk the fine line of a melodic rapping delivery.
As many listeners heard this track, they were begging her left and right on the internet for it. Maggie Rogers’ vocals are pitched up, and below are piano chords with the same simple percussion from the original track.
As they begin to peel back the layers to bring it back down, the piano comes back to the forefront. This time for the next buildup, Luca Lush and Bishu go for it, but it is more trap influenced.
Bells, water drops, rattles, and barely perceptible laser sounds are just a few of the atypical sounds used to accent his production.

Tyga rarely spits over EDM beats, so when he does, it always comes as a rare, energetic, bass-filled surprise.
Lyrically, he might not be the next great poet, but his ruminations are a blunt and poignant reminder of what it means to be 19 years old. Per usual, this Tyga track is jam-packed full of turnt-up, energetic, party lyrics that are destined to tear up a club near you.
He bombards the listener with overwhelming emotional emanations from his inner thoughts and feelings, which bleeds into his production. Just by the fact he uses New Jack City-esque saxophone loops so liberally tells the listener he’s willing to go outside the box.

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