As we are on tour I booked into Iveco Adelaide (Burton) for my first service, ( I chose to have 20k service intervals rather than 40k , since I'm using the truck off road) Checked out 100% no issues at all. They must have checked my power steering level when doing the 20k service because 1000km later I notice the reservoir leaking, removed cap to find the o-ring seal broken, luckily I have an assortment of o-rings and had the correct size to replace it with. This is a particularly common fault on Landrover Defender Tdci models, and I even had a rub thru on my Td5 so gave the Iveco a good check around the hoses when it was new. Just received an email from Bluey that at 6,900km - engine coolant warning light came on - top radiator hose rubbing against head of zip tie - dealer replaced hose and relocated zip tie. Ok I just checked our truck again and the location of Bluey's rub through is hard to see, and not much room to get your hand in to feel about, but the sharp end of our ziptie was away from the hose, but I did add some layers of tape where a bypass hose holder was very close .
Another Fault from Bluey, 7,250km - EDC failure lights came on, then DPF light - Iveco dealer did a regeneration burn via the laptop, then EOBD light came on dealer diagnosed and replaced pressure sensor all OK now. I read on the Facebook Group of some alarming reports about transfer case failures on two Australian delivered Ivecos, it appears in that both cases the transfer cases have been over filled, weather that was the cause of failure is still being investigated, more detail on the Facebook page (link below). I can understand how confusion as to the correct oil level exists, because the oil fill plug is about 150mm higher than the oil level, Just about every other piece of mechanical equipment ever built has the fill plug where the oil level is, but not so this transfer case- that is just plain stupid, lets call it a design fault . Whilst under my truck looking at the transfer case I found another issue that requires immediate attention, I noticed the top left transfer case mounting bolt protrusion rubbing on the fuel tank & if left unchecked is likely to wear a hole right into the tank. My truck has been trouble free right up to the 40k service at Brisbane Iveco, no issues found but they did replace both engine belts.
BUT since the service I has an engine light come on with "check service" warning message, IVECO service technician failed to connect to OBD2 port and tell the ECM that the truck was serviced, nor reset the DPF counter.
Another few hundred km later a Spanner symbol appeared on the deash with "Service voucher expired" , another dealer could not fix it, next day truck went into Limp Mode and service code 024 displayed on dash.
I have the same issue as you with the transfer box mounting bolt touching the fuel tank, but I will get them to fix that when they replace the other 2 bushes after they arrive from Italy. What concerns me more is the "check' warning light that came on and stayed on most of the time.
Soft Transfer case silentblock bushes are the cause of a grumbling vibration when pulling away from a start on a hill, under load or towing. I was shocked to see the transfer case flopping about, This video was on a smooth bituimen road, up to 25kmh only. I modified some Jeep Superpro Urethane spring bushes to fit , I made a complete set but only installed the rear center bush at this stage, When I lowered the Transfer Case (using Jack below & a sling above) what was left of the rear bush just fell out onto the ground. The photo shows a set of the Poly bushes I 'made' next to the failed Iveco bush, Rather than use the Jeep crush tube I cut the original tube from the mangled bush and burned off the excess rubber to clean it up ready for re-use, I was suprised at how easily I could cut the rubber with a pocket knife. I have been restoring and modifying 4x4 vehicles for 35 years and have only ever seen such a buggered bush in the spring eye of a 1950 Series One LandRover that had been lying forlorn under a tree for 20 years.
The photo at left shows the new bush installed, this is done insitu, using a bolt and washers to 'press' it into position using special installation grease, once the poly bush was fitted I carefully jacked the transfer case back into place, using a pair of butter knifes to guide the flanges of the bush into place, The flanges help locate the bush as it's not adhered to the crush tube (a lot of use that was on the genuine) and will stop the metal to metal contact with the mounting lugs.

The video below shows the transfer case movement is now acceptable, even with original worn top bushes.
There has been more disturbing reports of transfer case failures, most likely due to oil foaming and overheating. I put a TM4 temerature monitor on my Gearbox and Transfer case, After an hour at Highway speed the Gearbox reaches 85-90c but the transfer case goes off the scale at 125c , Another owner is reporting his Transfer case goes over 140c .
Iveco have replaced a number transfer cases (not mine) under warranty but do not seem to be adressing the problem. Multi-Diag Truck est le plus puissant outil de diagnostique pour bus lourds et vehicules legers.
Ateliers lourds, qui veulent faire plus que la lecture de code, mais aussi besoin de faire les reglages de base, des adaptations et des etalonnages de systemes specifiques. Avant d'installer le logiciel, verifiez l'heure du systeme de l'ordinateur, il doit etre le moment exacte de la journee, il ne peut etre modifie. WAS MULTIDIAG TRUCK vous permet d’avoir non seulement d'excellentes caracteristiques de diagnostique, il integre egalement un systeme d'information complet de l'atelier.
Nous livrons habituellement des marchandises par DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, la poste ordinaire etc. Dites-nous ce que vous pensez de cet article et partagez vos opinions avec d'autres personnes. S'il vous plait Inscrivez en premier si vous voulez plus tard modifier ou gerer les commentaires transfere par vous-meme. Dodge sprinter 2500 cargo van 118 inch diesel for sale used dodge sprinter 2500 cargo van 118 inch diesel for sale used dodge sprinter 2500 for sale.
Find great deals on ebay for dodge sprinter van here is a rare 2007 freightliner sprinter 2500 cargo van for sale please double check the size 135" inch. 2006 dodge sprinter cargo 2500 high roof 118 wb - 2500 high roof 118 wb 3dr van 2003 dodge sprinter 2500 work van, buyers with new or used cars for sale.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
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If the light is on steady, then Drive the vehicle with caution, but get it seen to as soon as possible.
The same cheap type of pipe is used for the masin tank vent, a possible trouble point down the track. But I have been across the Simpson Desert east to west, to the tip of Cape York and a week on Fraser Island plus short trips around home with the 4x4 club I am a member of. It has a shuddering at low speed which they tell me is the transfer case bushes allowing the box to shake.

The bushes can be made by machining down SuperPro SPF0108, or SPF0109 Jeep rear spring eye bushes. No banging or vibration felt yet, the big test was taking off in 1st gear uphill whilst towing the van - no wobbles.
Il developper a partir de l'europe, le DTC et les donnees sont tout a fait exact, ad michell et alldata, multi-diag truck comprend des informations de maintenance, manuel, schema et les parametres de l'appareil. Par rapport a PS2, X431 robuste, les donnees d'essais de Truck Multi-Diag recueillis sur les camions et bus a partir de l’europeen, des donnees sont plus precises.
Assurez-vous que le temps du systeme informatique doit etre a la meme date que le jour ou vous installez le logiciel, s'il vous plait envoyer la «cle» fichier a notre concessionnaire. Avant que le revendeur ne vous envoyer la cle d'activation, s'il vous plait ne debrancher pas l'alimentation electrique et le dispositif informatique, et ne laissez pas l'ordinateur en veille.
Modele et systeme d'information specifique sont directement lie avec le modele ou le systeme selectionne. Dit vinden wij jammer, want is mede dankzij deze advertenties gratis toegankelijk.
They tried everything without fixing it, as a last resort they removed the head to have it tested. Enough oil leaked so that the engine management system kept telling me it needed more brake fluid, a simple task to top up the fluid but it took 2 hours for them to open the bonnet first. Il est developpe a partir de l'Europe, le DTCs et les donnees sont tout a fait exact, ad michell et alldata, multi-diag truck comprend des informations de maintenance, manuel, schema et les parametres du dispositif.
Tous les commentaires sont moderes et seront reexaminees dans un delai de deux jours ouvrables. Wilt u een uitzondering maken voor, of meer lezen over hoe wij met advertenties omgaan? And were to replace it with a new one but because they sent the single turbo head from Melbourne they reinstalled the original head. The remote cable had come off the latch under the bonnet on the second day across the desert. Il n'y a pas de limite pour utiliser le logiciel de Multi-Diag truck, quand vous aurez utilise ce logiciel deux annees plus tard, vous pouvez de nouveau l'activer et l'utiliser de nouveaux deux ans. Overheating transfer case -normal , so thats why they don't want to fix them, because its normal. I went to the dealer in Rockhampton on my way home and they also could not solve the problem, I eventually did a a€?Homer Simpsona€? and put duct tape over the light because kept distracting me.

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