Multiple monitor technology facilitates work in graphic media, compiling programming languages ??or work in multiple operating systems at once. For mirroring, set both monitors to the same resolution from accessing Arrangement and subsequently Mirror Displays.
SciNotions is a cutting edge magazine with coverage on science, technology, gadgets, nature and cars topics. Usually, this app will start automatically when adding a new monitor to the system, so you don’t have to worry to much.
If the wizard does not start automatically or if you want to change the settings for one monitor, use the Display Settings tool.

Your Mac should have available video connectors for attaching it, and each will need its own display video cable. Most of the screens will be recognized automatically and you have to choose your preferred setting.
You could, for example, challenge your friends to a football game on two monitors, or invite them to a car racing game for extra adrenaline.
In the past, I have also worked in various projects involving science, music, technology and gadgets. You get there by clicking on the Apple menu and selecting System Preferences, then Displays.

If you choose mirror, the same image will appear on both monitors, and if you choose the extended option, then your desktop will cover both monitors, giving you the possibility of multitasking.
Select Display Settings from the panel, and you should see icons representing numbers attached to each monitors.

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