CVs are the documents that consist of generally a few pages and include general information, a proper format. That kind of CV can include your academic experiences, education level, and the fields in which you are successful. As in any kind of CV, you should completely write your personal information such as name, surname, address, phone number…etc.
While stating your educational statue, you should start writing from the last academic program to the previous ones.
In the world of design, you’d be amazed by the amount of people that have a nicely done curriculum. The School of Mechanical Engineering has an international reputation for the quality of its teaching and research activities. I'm a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor and everything I will share with you here will remain connected somehow to Tony Buzan's world.
This triangle-shaped nutrition guide is divided into sections to show the recommended intake for each food group. Many other countries and organizations have also published food pyramids with different purposes and alternatives (or controversy) in the sections and for different target audiences.
Although water is typically recommended in plentiful amounts, it is treated in very different ways by different food guides. Starting from the food pyramid illustration - the most widely used version of it, excluding water - I have imagined and designed a new creative mind map.
From an empty picture (only the pyramid outline where all keywords and images are deleted), invite students to guess what are the food groups, what are examples of associated products and what could be the role of each group in the diet. For younger audience, organise a puzzle activity that consists to place each food products in the correct food group. Another possibility is to use the creative mind map as a support for your lesson or explanation.
I was not surprise and even pleased to hear last week that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has received $1.5 million to support a new centre seeking to integrate the arts into university curriculum and research. From an artistic point of view, I’m always adding a creative dimension to the mind maps, as a vehicle for the expression or communication of emotions and ideas, offering you a mean for exploring and appreciating the material. My goal (and challenge) is to invite you to consume a new, innovative and creative educational curriculum, made of ready-to-use mind map resources that you will be able to operate within this revolutionary digital world and create unique experience with your audience. The main purpose of preparing this document is to introduce oneself to the employers and advertise oneself in a sense.

You should write the names of the institutes and consultants and give short information about them.
If you haven’t considered having yours yet, you should have in mind that this could be a great tool to get your work to be seen indirectly by any passerby. Before paying, I downloaded the free version first just in case but it seems that i can not edit it ( putting my details and staffs).
As a testimony to these strengths, the School was awarded the highest possible rating of 5** in the most recent Government Research Assessment Exercise. I extended it to a new piece of educational content that you will be able to use for informing or teaching kids, students or patients. The most known food pyramid was introduced by the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, an organization of the U.S. Some exclude the category, others list it separately from other food groups, and yet others make it the centre or foundation. Each portion is shaped by a freeform branch radiating from the centre and representing one of the food groups.
As soon as you have this access to the white space, it’s an open door for generating more ideas and connecting more information. If participants don’t know, you can propose to use the mind map for brainstorming for a while, generating ideas, presenting their findings, dialoguing with the rest of the group, completing the mind map.
I designed the pyramid with a set of product images (all coming from the public domain and royalty free, mainly downloaded from the With projection facilities in your classroom and the presentation mode offered by the iMindMap application, you audience will benefit from a rich content with an engaging support. From a scientific point of view, I will more and more explain the mental processes behind the mind mapping activity and how it relates specifically to pedagogy science.
Do not hesitate to share some of your success stories and feedback with me and the community.
Our research feeds directly into curriculum design and teaching, and the wealth of expertise within the School ensures that both undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses plus our postgraduate research degree students can be sure of receiving the highest possible quality of education and supervision.
I offer you all the resources and explanations so that you can operate in the classroom or at home in the best conditions, with the maximum of efficiency and return.
As usual, I offer you all the resources and explanations so that you can operate in the classroom or at home in the best conditions, with the maximum of efficiency and return.
It’s also widely used in schools under various formats (game, poster, etc) to inform and educate kids.

Sub-branches provide additional information about the importance of a group, the products that belong to it and the role it plays in our daily diet. As a facilitator, your role is to guide them toward the right answers and to ensure they leave the exercise with the expected knowledge and interest. You may present and discuss the pyramid step by step (branch by branch) without revealing the whole content at once. Finally, from a technology point of view, I always put my work in perspective with the world of software (e.g.
It is because of this that we have made this amazing freebie with 20 fancy CV templates so you can produce your own resumes without having to start from scratch. It was established in 1994 to improve the nutrition and well-being of Americans, by developing and promoting dietary guidance that links scientific research to the nutrition needs of consumers. Ask the participants to drag and drop the products on the appropriate section (branch) of the pyramid (map). Now, we will give you general information about the “Academic CV” that we mentioned about before. Also, make sure you visit our folder templates to find a nice design where to put your brand new CV. It was updated in 2005 with a program called MyPyramid, and then replaced in 2011 by MyPlate. If it is not (yet) possible, I hope you will be inspired by the approach for proposing the same kind of exercise on paper.
If you have a projector and a magnetic board in your classroom, you can prepare magnets that can be placed on the projected pyramid (for your paper cut, you can download the collection of images here). Don’t forget to leave us your opinions in the comment section and we’ll see you next time! Your audience will remember this moment of collaborative research, interactive content creation and creative learning with a new type of education material. Throughout the game, you will provide additional information about the different food groups and their role. This unique experience will have a higher impact on your participants thanks to the support used (both hardware and software), the visual and kinesthetic learning offered by the approach and the collaborative dimension of the activity.

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