The easiest way to do this is by going into your roster of Pokémon and organizing them by CP.
After the joyous, social-infused journey to level 5, gym battles may seem difficult and frustrating. In so many words, by taking on friendly matches at a gym your team already controls, you’re making that gym even stronger against future attacks from rival gyms!
You can reinforce your gym by having other team members completely friendly battles, which will raise the level of your gym, which will allow you to place more and more Pokémon there as defenders.

You can now join one of the three teams in the game (GO TEAM VALOR WOOOOO!) and start battling in gyms. Train up your Pokémon first by going to a gym that your team already owns and competing in friendly battles. In so many words, my high-level Pinsir has been stomped by a few different Pokémon now. You can change all of that by simply tapping on any of the Pokémon in your arrangement and swapping them out pre-battle.

After a lost battle, tap the Pokéball at the bottom of the main screen and select the Items submenu.

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