Septoria is caused by a fungus, Septoria lycopersici, which overwinters in old tomato debris and on wild Solanaceous plants. Costochondritis is an inflammation of the junctions where your upper ribs join with the cartilage holding them to your breastbone. It causes chest pain you can reproduce by pushing on the cartilage in the front of your ribcage. Costochondritis is a relatively harmless condition and usually goes away without treatment. Chest pain in adults usually leads to a battery of tests to rule out heart attack and heart disease.
If those tests are normal and your physical exam is consistent with costochondritis, you’ll be diagnosed with costochondritis.
Costochondritis may also occur as the result of an infection or as a complication of surgery on your sternum. Are You Flushing Your Money Down the Toilet?Enter your name and email address for a FREE 12-minute video explaining the sad state of our food supply and how it affects you.
The exact pathogenesis of how an entrapped digital plantar nerve results in Morton’s neuroma pain is not known and is the subject of much debate.
These two are not mutually exclusive and we believe that Morton’s neuroma is due to a combination of chronic mechanical trauma of the webspace and an entrapment neuropathy of the nerve.
Morton’s neuroma occurs most commonly in the third interspace (72% of cases) followed by the second (30% of cases) and the fourth (5% of cases). The hyperextension of the toes tethers the nerve beneath the ligament and exposes it to even more biomechanical stresses. Furthermore, the compressed nerve causes reduced blood flow in the vessels supplying the nerve with blood (the vasa nervorum). As the fibrosis continues, the fibrotic mass within the nerve progressively enlarges leading to greater entrapment and increased frictional forces. Morton’s neuroma is a fusiform enlargement of the plantar digital nerve at its bifurcation point with a thickening of the adjacent tendosynovial tissues. Mucoid degeneration (which histologically stains with alcian blue) is frequently seen in the fibroadipose tissue adjacent to the Morton’s neuroma often extending into the synovial lining of the intermetatarsal bursa. Identical histomorphological and fibrotic changes are observed in both symptomatic and asymptomatic Morton’s neuroma patients[vi].
MRI or ultrasonography should only be used for diagnostic purposes, and even then they should be used in conjunction with a thorough history, physical examination and possibly diagnostic tests under local anesthesia.
Due to the fact that the size of the Morton’s neuroma is not correlated to the symptoms, neurolysis (the killing of the nerve) is effective and recommended as the preferred treatment rather than neurectomy (the removal of the nerve,) especially since neurolysis preserves the integrity of the transverse intermetatarsal ligament, which is important for foot stability. The correct treatment plan for each patient should always be formulated by a physician experienced in Morton’s neuroma and based on a thorough evaluation of the patient, taking into account the patient’s past history, past treatments and careful clinical evaluation. We offer a number of procedures to treat Morton’s neuroma without surgery. To see the treatments we offer for Morton’s neuroma click here.
This information is for educational purposes only and is NOT intended to replace the care or advice given by your physician. There was never any dispute that Rocrast Mack, a 24-year-old serving time on drug charges in a state prison in Alabama, died at the hands of corrections officers in 2010. What was known was this: On August 4, 2010, a female corrections officer confronted Mack in his bunk, accused him of inappropriate behavior, and struck him.
An investigator from Alabama’s State Bureau of Investigation thought the stories didn’t add up and called the FBI, which investigates cases of abuse of authority—or color of law—and other civil rights violations.
What did emerge was a portrait of a corrupt prison environment led by a heavy-handed guard—Lt. To build her case, Hanson and Special Agent William Beersdorf enlisted Mobile’s Evidence Response Team (ERT) to take extensive photographs from witnesses’ vantage points that could support or refute their claims.
Hanson, who was named a finalist for the Service to America Medal by the Partnership for Public Service for bringing the guards to justice and exposing corruption in Alabama’s prisons, said the case is still heartbreaking to her because Mack was in the care of officials who had been bestowed a public trust. Same Person Dies in Boston Marathon Bombing and Sandy Hook Shooting?2 years ago24,082 viewsIn a photo that continues to go viral around social network platforms, it is alleged that the same person died in the Sandy Hook shooting along with also dying during the Boston Marathon attacks. What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?1 year ago5,803 viewsSOMEONE IS HIDING SOMETHING What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? It might surprise you, but coming into contact with poison ivy is one of the most reported cases at poison centers across the United States.
Instead of helping with problems after the poison ivy outbreak occurs, we want you to avoid it in the first place. Poison ivy grows on the ground, climbs up trees and fences and can even morph into a shrub.

The leaves of poison ivy may be shiny or dull and the leaf margins may be toothed or wavy, or have no teeth at all. Within 12 to 72 hours of touching poison ivy, you could develop a very uncomfortable, itchy and unsightly red rash, typically accompanied by swelling and blisters. And urushiol sticks to anything it touches. So if you pet your outside cat or dog or your bare skin touches the sofa or a chair where pets exposed to urushiol have been snoozing, YOU could end up with a nasty rash. What makes matters worse — urushiol remains viable on items that have been in contact with the plant for a very long time.
People vary in their sensitivity to poison ivy, and unlike some conditions where repeated exposure helps build up an immunity, with poison ivy you are likely to become even MORE sensitive. If you have a bad rash, with or without blisters, or anything near the eyes,in the lungs or nasal passages or other tender parts — get yourself to the doctor’s office! As the spots mature, they have brown edges and lighter tan centers and become septoria leaf cankers. We believe that Morton’s neuroma is the result of a combination of a chronic low-grade compression trauma and a classic ischemic entrapment neuropathy of the common digital plantar nerve at its bifurcation point.
Shoes with narrow toe boxes cause increased pressure by compression of the forefoot, especially when combined with gait abnormalities. In up to 80% of patients, intermetatarsal neuroma may be associated with some other pathological findings of the forefoot such as hallux valgus (bunion), hammer-toe, or pes transversus (splay foot) where the transverse arch of the foot is lowered so that the heads of the metatarsal bones II – IV stand lower. Due to the mechanical forces mentioned above, the common digital nerve is trapped and squeezed between the intermetatarsal ligament and the dorsum of the foot. Initially, the nerve shows fusiform swelling caused by the deposition of amorphous eosinophilic material.
Fibrosis, thickening and hyalinization of the walls of endoneurial vessels are frequently present and there may be fibrointimal thickening with occlusion of small blood vessels. Surprisingly, it is not uncommon for the histopathology to be interpreted as relatively normal, even when a Morton’s neuroma was surgically excised and resulted in a dramatic reduction of pain.
It is not known whether the pain experienced by Morton’s neuroma is due to the increased intermetatarsal webspace pressure, the mechanical irritation from the chronic webspace overload or the demyelination of the common plantar digital nerve.
Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider before starting any new treatment or with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The image was part of a display in court to show the perspectives of witnesses to the fatal 2010 assault of an inmate by corrections officers. Mack retaliated, the officer radioed for help, more officers arrived, and Mack was beaten in three separate prison locations over a 40-minute period. When Special Agent Susan Hanson opened her case at the Ventress Correctional Facility, it was evident her biggest challenge would be getting to the truth.
Meanwhile, witness accounts were suspect, given the questionable reliability of the sources. The Special Projects Unit at FBI Headquarters assembled an interactive blueprint of the prison that showed everyone’s precise locations during the beatings. Four officers were convicted last year on civil rights, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy charges and received prison terms—including Smith, who was sentenced to 30 years.
But a leading theory is that they were created by an aircraft possibly travelling at supersonic or hypersonic speeds above the Atlantic.
By Richard Belzer, George Noory and David Wayne “This is an important book because it shows how The Powers That Be are up to their old tricks.
Best Value Drug pharmacists are certainly getting lots of questions about which over-the-counter treatments work best and filling prescriptions for treating more extreme cases. For instance, if you yanked out a poison ivy plant wearing protective gloves and then a couple months later you touch the outer portion of those gloves, there is a better than even chance you’ll have an allergic reaction. If it does catch up with you or one of your kids, be sure to come in and ask one of the Best Value Drug pharmacists their best advice for how to treat quickly and effectively. Septoria leaf blotch or canker may occur at any phase of the plant’s development and is easy to recognize and distinguish from other leaf disorders. A magnifying glass would confirm the presence of small black fruiting bodies in the center of the spots. The lack of foliage will diminish the health of the tomato as it reduces the ability to gather solar energy. Due to factors relating to gait and tight shoes, the common plantar digital nerve is repeatedly squeezed between the plantar aspect (the bottom) of the foot and the anterior distal edge of the transverse inter-metatarsal ligament.[i] The result is a chronic irritation of the nerve and the subsequent development of a benign fibrotic neuroma within the nerve. This chronic mechanical overload causes a mucoid degeneration of the intermetatarsal space frequently extending into the bursa.
As the compression becomes more severe over time, focal demyelination occurs, followed by axonal damage and finally, fibrotic scarring within the nerve.

Edema and fibrosis occurs within the nerve, specifically within the epineurium and perineurium. In other words, the pain that is typical of Morton’s neuroma cannot be explained by the size of the Morton’s neuroma nor by the degree of the histological findings. Smith, the main subject in the investigation, held sway over corrections officers and inmates alike. The guard implicated Smith but never broke ranks from the original narrative—that their use of force was justified. Specialists were brought in from the FBI’s Charlotte office to collect exact measurements and chart graphical representations of where each of the assaults occurred. In the end, the evidence revealed how a cadre of guards, led by Smith, struck and kicked Mack so severely he died—and then conspired to cover it up. The Central Intelligence Agency’s clandestine New York station was “cleaned out” in the Sept. And if you or someone in your family does come into contact – learn what should you do immediately to counteract the effects of the oil in all parts of the plant that cause such misery. Its appearance can vary greatly, but in all cases it has compound leaves that consist of three leaflets. Wet conditions deposit the fungus Septoria on tomato leaves and warm temperatures cause it to bloom. The disease progresses up the stems and causes all the leaves it infects to wither and die. Horsenettle ground cherry and black nightshade are all in the same family as tomatoes, and the fungus can be found on their leaves, seeds or even rhizomes. The most commonly used chemicals are maneb and chlorothalonil, but there are other options available to the home gardener. The increased tissue volume caused by accumulated mucoid ground substance within the confined intermetatarsal web space results in increased pressure and increased mechanical forces. As the lesion progresses, epineural and perineural fibrosis becomes increasingly prominent and envelops the epineurium and perineurium of the nerve in a concentric fashion. The mucoid degeneration in the intermetatarsal space is indicative of a connective tissue response to chronic repetitive low-grade trauma such as the trauma that would result from a mechanical overload in the webspace due to a nerve entrapment. A large Morton’s neuroma with significant histological changes may be asymptomatic while a small Morton’s neuroma with minor or no histological changes may be extremely painful. Guards claimed Mack was fighting them throughout the ordeal and sustained his fatal injuries in a fall. A few guards privately acknowledged that Smith’s history of intimidation could eventually land him in hot water. Its leaves have five leaflets and if you rub up against Virginia creeper, you won’t break out in a rash. The leaflets are 2-5 inches long, green during the growing season and turning scarlet red in fall. We’ll get you on the road to recovery and answer any questions you have about how to stop the spread and control the itching. But no matter how often we tell patients this, it is most often met with skepticism – and sometimes even eye rolls. The disease doesn’t leave marks on the stems or fruit but does spread upward to younger foliage. Old plant material needs to be cleaned up, and it’s best to plant tomatoes in a new location in the garden every year. Potassium bicarbonate, ziram and copper products are a few other sprays useful against the fungus. This dense fibrosis occasionally invades the endoneural space and is combined with a loss of myelinated nerve fibers.
For Hanson, who conducted hundreds of interviews over nearly three years, the key to cracking the case was to find a sympathetic guard whose conscience carried more weight than his fear of Smith.
One-year rotations of tomato plants have been shown to be effective in preventing the disease.

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