The luxurious bomb, nuclear and chemical weapon proof bunkers are kitted out with beds, kitchens, flushing toilets and even fireplaces. If you happen to be one of the rich and famous or just rich, then why shouldn’t you able to have the best seat in the house when the apocalypse comes.
The families can also have their dream underground bunker designed by an architect and contractor of their choice for a more personalised touch and could be decked out to look like a private bungalow underground; well not so much a bungalow as a small mansion complete with pools, theatres, gyms et al.
Aside from the facility being able to handle any and all kinds of man-made disasters like a close range nuclear blast, biological and chemical agents, electro-magnetic pulses and armed attacks, these shelters have also been designed to handle natural calamities like shock waves, earthquakes and tsunamis.
From climate control with air filtration and cooling systems to redundant back-up systems, a water treatment plant, backup generators, a hospital area and restaurant areas, this is pretty much an underground resort.
June 30, 2010 by livelux in Decor Courtesy of: VivosIs the end of the world really near?
Anyone who has trained in the art of preparedness can tell you that the difference between enduring a survival scenario with the absolute bare-bones essentials versus enjoying even just a few minor creature comforts can be the difference between merely surviving the trial as opposed to comfortably living through the event. Oftentimes, images of low ceilings, drab grey walls, garish fluorescent lighting and crates of barely edible canned rations stacked next to steel-welded folding bunks are conjured when envisioning a typical survival shelter or “doomsday bunker.” In a way, perhaps subconsciously, it might seem fitting to just accept the prospect of rather grim surroundings in a survival situation. That seems to be precisely what Robert Vicino, one self-made entrepreneur, reasoned when investing millions of his own dollars into the development of a massive state-of-the-art luxury underground shelter network—The Vivos Project—that is now poised to span the globe.
Each Vivos community shelter is completely outfitted for its members to survive for a minimum of one year autonomously. To learn more, check out the fall 2014 issue of SURVIVOR’S EDGE, available on newsstands and digitally July 22, 2014.
Each of the chosen families will have their very own 2,500 square foot area of this highly fortified survival shelter (a relic of the Cold War) which can be further divided up into two floors doubling the space.

The entire complex spans over 21,108 square meters underground and also has an additional 4,079 square meters of above-ground office space and warehouse buildings, as well as a train servicing depot. There’s even space allocated to house a collection of zoological species, an archive for artefacts and treasures, a DNA Vault, a Hall of Records and more. Vivos survival shelters have more than just the essentials, and they can inspire your do-it-yourself designs!
Doomsday DiningEach Vivos shelter contains full-size kitchens stocked with an abundant supply of foods and beverages, each selected for their nutrition, variety, taste, healthiness, energy and ease of preparation as well-balanced meals with all food groups and 2,500 calories per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.2.
This variable of comfort extends to all aspects of one’s preparedness plan, not the least of which includes survival shelters. Maybe it’s time to do something about it, before it’s too late.Many millionaires aren’t taking any chances and building their own survival bunkers. Clean CanteenEach Vivos complex incorporates a deep underground water source capable of supplying a minimum of 20 gallons of water per minute.
But if you’re planning to endure tough times and seeking refuge may be required, given the option and opportunity, wouldn’t you rather stick it out in as much comfort and style as possible? On demand, water is pumped into the shelter, filtered through extensive ionization and filtration systems to remove all toxins, bacteria, chemicals and contamination, and then stored in pressurized tanks for distribution throughout the facility.3. The bunker includes a gym, an atrium, plus all the amenities you would need to keep 132 lucky soles alive as chaos rains down above them. Quality AirThe Vivos complex incorporates extensive nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) air filtration systems that pre-filter all air before it enters the shelter.
Luxury living at its best!There is even a plan to build a jail, just in case a few of the survival bunker residents get a little rowdy and need to be thrown in the slammer.As 2012 nears, and the over-hyped apocalypse almost here, Robert Vicino is open for business.

Gear GaloreVivos stores a large supply of materials and equipment for use during any shelter habitation and for what may be expected after returning to the surface. The survival bunker will also protect its customers from the following natural or man-made disasters: massive volcano eruptions, solar flares, a pole shift, earthquakes, asteroids, tsunamis, bio terrorism, nuclear attack, chemical warfare and your basic widespread social anarchy. This includes a wide variety of spare parts, safes, off-road vehicles, non-hybrid seeds, farming tools, hunting and fishing equipment, and more.5. Personal EssentialsEvery inhabitant is provided clothing, bedding, toiletries and basic personal medical supplies.6. The Life of Luxury provides luxury market research and reviews on the following – luxury hotels & resorts, expensive luxury cars, elegant jewelry, fine cigars & cocktails, runway high fashion, luxurious private jets & yachts, interior design & decor and much more!For the best in luxury living, our VIP Concierge services provides great deals on luxury travel, luxury vacation homes, fine dining restaurants, red carpet events and award shows, sold-out concerts, fashion shows, top sporting events, movie premiers, and amazing luxury experiences. WastelandAll human waste is pumped out of the facility to underground septic systems with overflow provisions as needed. Medical & DentalEach Vivos shelter includes an urgent medical and dental facility with a range of triage and basic capabilities. SurveillanceEach Vivos facility incorporates state-of-the-art, remote-controlled surveillance equipment, cameras, sensors and biometric access controls operable from within each facility and from distant central surveillance centers.10.
Play TimeThe common areas contain books, educational and entertainment materials, gym equipment, tools, radios, computers, televisions and much more—plenty of entertainment to ward off bouts of subterranean cabin fever.

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