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Japanese-American infantrymen of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team hike up a muddy French road in the Chambois Sector, France, in late 1944.
The video below depicts the story of the Distinguished 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Combat Regimental Team.
Welcome to the Army’s official blog where you will find unique stories, commentary from Army Senior Leaders, current news, videos and photos highlighting our Soldiers around the globe.
James first contacted us last year and we quickly saw that he was going to be a very active youth member. James’s latest triumph was a feature article on the CBBC website in January (pictured), which followed an article last year in his local paper, the Liverpool Echo, and a Compassionate Kid award from PETA.
Animal Aid campaigns peacefully against all animal abuse, and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle.
The mission of Guyanese Outreach (GO) is to support the gospel of Jesus Christ in Guyana, South America, by working with the Guyanese people to strengthen values and enhance their own culture by assisting them to meet their spiritual and physical needs. GO now has a partnership with Hebron and Hopeful Lutheran Churches in KY, Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Guyana, and the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY). It is currently seeking funds to build an addition to its Guyanese education center for computer classes and housing for mission groups.
Internal resources are not enough and additional direct hires or consultants can mean a large investment.
To learn more about how Bronco Force can benefit your business, contact Ken Jones, director of education and applied solutions.

Increased screen print changeover compliance to 15 minute goal from approximately 50 to 99 percent.
This industry support model is unlike other academic institutions, and even many consulting firms. With millions in realized saving and revenue enhancement, Bronco Force can and will help your organization with its operations and supply chain challenges. You are not alone.
Western Michigan UniversityKalamazoo MI 49008-5200 USA(269) 387-1000Contact WMU© 2016 All rights reserved. The 442nd was a regimental size fighting unit composed almost entirely of American soldiers of Japanese descent who volunteered to fight in World War II even though their families were subject to internment. The men in these units, comprised almost entirely of persons of Japanese ancestry, fought with uncommon bravery and valor against our nation’s enemies on the battlefields in Europe and Asia, even while many of their parents and kin were held in internment camps. We sent him lots of campaign materials and he put them to good use, trying to persuade friends, family, classmates and everyone else he came across, to go vegetarian to stop the cruelty involved in factory farming. Founded in 1994, GO assists pastors, provides education, develops and trains Guyanese in job skills, and sends humanitarian aid. Through this partnership, a team will be sent to Guyana to work with Guyanese Outreach and Emmanuel Lutheran Church. The program is designed to address difficulties supply chain managers face and, through faculty and student involvement, determine best methods to solve those problems in the workplace. Bronco Force will provide expertise to meet your supply chain challenges and solve problems with you as a value-added partner. Bronco Force will augment the talents of the existing workforce and seamlessly complement its teams and culture, reducing dependence on external consultants and the need for consulting budgets.

One size does not fit all when it comes to training and business solutions, and canned consulting solutions do not equal completed projects and results. The focus of WMU Bronco Force efforts is on delivering results for the companies and communities that we serve. There are no upfront costs, and customers help fund the ISM center and merit-based scholarships based on the value of project results.
Bronco Force will tailor an approach for your company, learn from your projects and customize on-going training to ensure we embed the knowledge within your organizational culture. The following list represents a small sample of the over 70 projects to date, with a review of project type, typical lead team configuration and delivered result. The 442nd is considered to be the most decorated infantry regiment in the history of the United States Army.
GO’s ministry is supported by Lutheran congregations in the US and Guyana, and it has worked with mission teams from US congregations who have taught Guyanese children Alpha, Vacation Bible School and abstinence.
Customers work with ISM faculty members who have expertise in the project areas and who supervise the students as they complete the project. No "throw-it-over-the-wall" approaches leaving companies with the burdens of implementation and new process control.

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