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WE ARE Sculpture-630-15-102The new 'We Are Sculpture,' a gift to Penn State from the class of 2013, was delicately placed in its foundation on the morning of June 30. WE ARE Sculpture-630-15-109The installation crew carefully moved the 'We Are Sculpture' on to its foundation on the morning of June 30.
WE ARE Sculpture-630-15-103Following final placement of the 'We Are Sculpture' in the foundation, specific measurements were made before bolting the 12-foot high sculpture into place.
WE ARE Sculpture-630-15-104The 'We Are Sculpture' was bolted into its stone foundation, located at the corner of Curtin Road and University Drive, by employees of Penn State's Office of Physical Plant on the morning of June 30.

WE ARE Sculpture-630-15-105After the crew secured the 'We Are Sculpture' in its foundation, artist and designer Jonathan Cramer removed the last of the protective tarps wrapped around his stainless steel creation. WE ARE Sculpture-630-15-106A crew from Penn State's Office of Physical Plant placed the new 'We Are' sculpture, a gift from the Class of 2013, in its foundation outside the Intramural Building on the morning of June 30.
Penn State's class gift committee in seeking an artist wanted a sculpture that was modern and forward-looking -- while they wanted to be respectful of history, they also wanted to look to the future.
The accompanying interpretive sign features a reproduction of the Penn State Alma Mater in Fred Lewis Pattee’s script along with a short history on its origin.
The tradition of class gifts at Penn State began when the class of 1861, at its reunion in 1890, gave the University a portrait of Penn State’s first president, Evan Pugh, which still hangs in the lobby of Old Main. The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts has released its 2014 collectable poster, designed by Lanny Sommese, distinguished professor and head of graphic design in Penn State’s College of Arts and Architecture.
A different technique, laser speckle imaging, produces an image color-coded to indicate volume of blood flow. The sculpture will be dedicated officially after students return to campus for the fall semester. The sculpture will reside at the corner of Curtin Road and University Drive, adjacent to the east side of the Intramural Building. A gift from Penn State's 2013 senior class, the sculpture represents Penn State's iconic theme of 'We Are' and an official unveiling will take place after students return for fall semester 2015.
The stainless-steel sculpture was created by artist, and Penn State graduate, Jonathan Cramer, lower right corner overseeing the final phases of installation.

The mirror-polished, stainless-steel sculpture, a gift to the University from the class of 2013, was designed and created by artist Jonathan Cramer to reflect the spirit and pride of Penn State's famous 'We Are' chant. The location is recognized as a primary gateway to Penn State's University Park campus from the east. Cramer, a Penn State graduate, provided the winning entry in a nationwide competition for the commissioning of the sculpture. The sculpture, created by Penn State graduate Jonathan Cramer, is made of mirror-polished stainless steel and stands 12-feet high.
The description reads “The Class of 2013 and Fred Lewis Pattee…nourishing college spirit and loyalty. Areas of blood vessel dilation (more flow) show up bright red and yellow, while areas where vessels are constricted (less flow) are blue.
An interpretive sign located near the sculpture will be inscribed with the words of Penn State's Alma Mater, reproduced in the style of Professor of American Literature Fred Lewis Pattee's handwriting.

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