Normally swollen feet should not be a concern for many of us whose job involves standing or walking for long time. Lymphedema: There will be accumulation of lymphatic fluid when there is some problem in the lymph nodes or lymph vessels. Insufficiency of veins: This is a condition in which blood randomly moves in the veins in the region from legs to feet and up to the heart. Presence of blood clots in the veins of feet may reduce the blood-flow from the legs to the heart.
Prolonged use of contraceptives, repeated hormone therapy like estrogen can cause swollen feet. Some doctors prescribe calcium blockers like cardizem, dilacor tiazac and plendil for certain types of hypertension, may cause inflammation. Do exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, stop using laxatives, cut down salt intake, and avoid standing in the same position for long time. Essential oils are very powerful oils and as they are in concentrated form without any dilution.
After the application of oil you can use a hot compress over the swollen feet or ankle, so that oil gets deeply absorbed. Tea tree oil is an antibacterial and anti fungal abilities which helps to treat acne and pimples. This can be applied directly over the feet and leg especially if you are using that on infants and toddlers. These two oils works together to make a great remedy to treat the swelling of the legs, ankles and feet.
Just take both in the equal quantity like if you have to use on the feet only then 5 drops of cypress oil and 5 drops of fennel oil is sufficient.
These 2 oils are also good for reducing the inflammation of the legs and other parts like feet and ankles.
One of the most effective treatments to reduce swelling is applying ice cold water on the swollen area.
You can use a clean cloth and soak it in hot water, wring it and then apply on the swollen part.
The astringent apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps to remove fluid retention in the body and initiates healing process quickly.
If the swelling is caused by excess salt in your body, then cut down salt from your diet at the earliest.
Wearing compression stockings, sleeves or gloves accordingly will help reducing the swelling in limbs.
It is true that your edematic condition is the result of water retention in the tissue, but however, you need to drink enough liquids to bring down the swelling. If it is accompanied by fever, shortness of breath, skin disfiguration or weight loss or gain, you should seek immediate medical attention. Here Are Essential Oil Treatments For Swollen Ankles, Legs and Feet: Chamomile Oil Treatment Chamomile oil contains azulene which has anti-inflammatory properties.
You just need to apply one or two drops of chamomile essential oil on the affected area and massage it so that the oil is completely absorbed by the skin. Juniper Oil Treatment You can use juniper oil for subsiding body swelling caused due to premenstrual symptom or water retention in the body.
Just add half teaspoon of the oil in a bucket of water and dip your feet into the water for 15 to 20 minutes.You will instantly notice the swelling going away within a few minutes. Tea Tree Oil Treatment Tea tree oil is extensively used to prepared anti-acne or antidandruff products. Immunosuppressant drugs which suppress the activities of immune system can treat bullous pemphigoid and also eliminate the symptoms. The blister may come up on any portion of the body, but normally it appears over the inner portions of the joint folds, or on the skin creases.
The appearance of the surrounding skin tends to be normal, but with elicits a little darker shade on dark skin, while it tends to appear reddish on lighter skin.
Before taking the form of a blister, the condition may elicit a type of inflamed dark or reddish elevated hives over the skin. Bullous pemphigoid does lead to health complications, except in the elderly and people with ill-health. The daily life of an affected person is made difficult due to constant itching and blister pain. Affected people may also suffer from bacterial infectionsof the ruptured blisters, and spread of such infection to other parts of the body.
There may be discomfort in daily activities such as sleeping, upkeep of personal hygiene, eating, drinking,and dressing-up. Patients may also have tolive with the agony of horrifying skin appearance, which in turn can lead to social and psychological problems. To fight the bad effects of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms, the immune system of the body continuously produces antibodies. The exact causes and factors that induce the malfunctioning of the immune system is not known. Ultraviolet light therapy for treating certain skin disorders and certain inflammatory conditions.
People above the age of sixty years are vulnerable to bullous pemphigoid, as compared to younger individuals.

The treatment for bullous pemphigoid primarily involves elimination of the symptoms, itchiness, as well as repair and healing of damaged skin cells. Corticosteroids: This medicine can be taken orally, or it can also be applied over the blisters directly.
Immunosuppressant drugs:  They stop the functioning of the immune system that produce the antibodies.
The medical practitioner may also prescribe other medicines as warranted by the condition,including drugs such as dapsone, tetracycline, nicotinamide, methotrexate etc. I was a keen cyclist, malniy mountain biking but have also had to deal with a genetic skin condition called Haley Haley Disease.
Natural and homemade products are all the rage these days and none more so than homemade hair conditioners. The best part of these homemade hair conditioners is that they actually work and are gentle on all hair types.
Here Are 5 Fantastic Homemade Hair Conditioner: Yogurt Homemade Hair Conditioner Yogurt is not only a yummy and healthy food item but also an awesome moisturizing agent. Honey Homemade Hair Conditioner Honey is well-known for its excellent moisturizing qualities (it helps retain moisture) and for being a top of the line natural hair conditioner. Coconut Milk Homemade Hair Conditioner Coconut milk is another fantastic homemade hair conditioner that you can use to give your hair a healthy and moisturizing boost.  To make this natural and homemade conditioner you will require half a cup of coconut milk and a proportionate amount of oil like olive oil or avocado oil.
Egg Homemade Hair Conditioner Egg homemade hair conditioners are also popularly used as eggs have moisturizing attributes and are especially good for deep conditioning treatment of hair. Banana Homemade Hair Conditioner It might seem strange to use bananas as a conditioner but bananas have properties that can help repair damaged hair and leave your hair feeling smooth and well-nourished. Varicose veins result from defective valves in the superficial venous system which cause blood to pool in the leg as it is not effectively returned to the heart. Though some may consider varicose veins as a mere cosmetic condition, symptoms such as itching, restless legs, aching, cramps, heaviness and tired legs are often encountered. Once the underlying venous reflux is corrected, symptoms often resolve and patients may pleasantly rediscover what “normal” legs feel like.
There will be continuous movement of lymphatic fluid in the bloodstream and due to any reason, if it gets blocked, it may give rise to lymphedema. Here the veins flow the blood moving in one way direction thus keeping the blood flow insufficient. They would get nerve problem called diabetic neuropathy causing foot infection leading to formation of sores and blisters causing nerve damage.
There is every chance for fluid accumulation in the feet when kidneys are not functioning properly or when there is leakage in liver or when there is sudden heart failure.
Using antidepressant drugs like norpramin, aventyl, amitriptyline, endep and nardil can cause swelling of feet.
Apply hot compress a couple of days after the cold compress as heat dilates the blood flow and improves circulation. Dilute ACV with water in the 1:3 ratios respectively and apply on the affected part with a cloth. Too much salt can result in water retention in the body. Eat a low sodium diet and avoid high salted junk food, especially wafers, chips, pretzels or other crackers.
This is because the compression wears help in keeping extra pressure on the affected limbs thereby avoiding then chance of water retention in the tissue and encouraging softening of the fluid-swollen areas. Drinking water will remove excess toxins in the body and has various therapeutic effects as well.If you cannot drink too much water, ensure you eat fruits and vegetables loaded with water such as watermelon,cucumber, celery and the like. Other remedies like grape seed extract, garlic oil capsules and barley water also works best in bringing down swelling. If you get pineapples, you have found your remedy. Also, if you eat food rich in carbohydrates, sometimes mild condition of edema might develop. Swollen body parts occur either due to pregnancy, poor blood circulation or as a result of other medical conditions. Azulene also acts as a disinfectant that enhances it properties to act against swelling followed by discharge in case of insect bites.
It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which make it highly effective against dandruff and acne. But for unknown reasons the immune system erroneously develops antibodies for certain tissues of the body. Continuous use of this drug may have many side effects, such as diabetes, hypertension or high blood pressure, cataracts, weak bones, high cholesterol, and other complications. It can be taken along with corticosteroids for more effective treatment of bullous pemphigoid and its symptoms. What with hair-fall issues, scalp irritations and other problems, many men and women are going the chemical-free route and trying out homemade hair conditioners. So if you want to know how to make fantastic homemade hair conditioners for your hair, do read on.
To make a fantastic homemade conditioner using honey, you will need half a cup of honey and half a cup of coconut oil or olive oil (this mixture can be stored in your refrigerator). To make this moisturizing and fantastic homemade hair conditioner, use a blender to blend one banana (chopped into slices) and two tablespoons of olive oil, wheat germ oil or coconut oil.
If this is left untreated it can lead to superficial venous thrombosis, skin discoloration, ulceration and fibrosis (formation of excess connective tissue). This leads to covering up and reduced participation in physical activities and sports activities such as swimming, tennis, golf, and others.

In case of abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting symptoms, then you should consult your doctor immediately. Sometimes, the ligaments may not sit properly when stretched beyond its limit for some reasons. Due to this process, the valves get damaged and in turn blood drains down the veins causing accumulation of fluid in lower legs, causing swollen feet.
They would not feel any sensation in their feet and hence swollen feet during diabetes is truly a matter of concern.
You need to consult your doctor when you have symptoms of fatigue, loss of breath, sudden weight gain and loss of appetite along with swollen feet. This oil has anti inflammatory properties due to which this soothes and takes off the swelling from the legs and feet. The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil also makes this great for psoriasis, eczema, athlete’s foot, ringworm infection etc.
Cold helps to contract the blood vessels, which reduces swelling. The same applies with hot water compress as well. You can gently massage the area with the oil or soak the mustard seeds in water and use the solution to massage the affected area. The fruit has a high content of bromelain that helps in hindering the compounds that result in causing water retention in the body.
You prepare massage oil by mixing 15 drops of fennel oil, 15 drops cypress oil and 30 ml of evening primrose oil. The side effects are not fatal except in the older people with poor immune system,or in those elderly individuals who are experiencing general failing health. The epidermis is a thin layer of fiber tissues of skin which connect the dermis and the inner layer of the skin. Long-term and continuous use of corticosteroids in the topical form can cause thinning of skin. All you need is about four tablespoons of yogurt, three tablespoons of oil (base oil) like coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil, and a few drops of fragrant essential oil like peppermint or lavender (to remove the scent of yogurt).
You can also use a combination of plain water and honey.Simply apply a few tablespoons of the honey homemade hair conditioner to the strands of your hair (you can even massage it into the scalp if you like) and leave it in for a few minutes (a shower cap will help with better absorption) before rinsing as usual. Moreover, if you don’t like using canned coconut milk, you can always opt for making the coconut milk yourself (all you need is a good grater to make some). To make your own fantastic homemade hair conditioner using egg, whisk together a mixture of one egg yolk, three tablespoons of olive oil or avocado oil (you can also use crushed avocado instead) and an essential oil like peppermint or rosemary to remove the scent of egg.
Varicose veins serve no useful purpose and treating them improves the efficiency of the circulatory system.
Sometimes, this condition can become fatal if there is no absolute blood flow from the heart to the feet area. You can bring down the swelling by raising your leg for few minutes. Remember that the exact cause behind the swelling is to be identified first.
Though there is no proper treatment of swelling in medical science, you can take the help of holistic treatment to cure swelling.
You can apply tea tree oil directly on the skin without diluting unlike other essential oils which needs to be diluted with any carrier oil before application.
Creation of incorrect antibodies over such tissues results in the formation of hives, blisters, and itching markedly linked to bullous pemphigoid. Massage your scalp with the coconut milk homemade hair conditioner, apply more of the milk to your strands and then use a shower cap or wrap your hair in a towel to let it soak in for a while before rinsing it out as usual. Another alternative is using a mixture of one beaten egg yolk, half a cup of mayonnaise and a few drops of peppermint oil. Apply the conditioner to the hair and leave it to soak in while using a shower cap or towel to prevent dripping. Cosmetic improvement helps you gain the confidence again to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. You can also apply ice packs or keep the leg in elevated position for reducing inflammation. You will find that this fantastic homemade hair conditioner leaves your hair feeling silky and smooth.
Apply the conditioner to your hair and scalp and leave it to soak for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing it out completely. They are swollen and raised above the surface of the skin and are mostly found on the thighs, back of the calves and inside of the leg. Leave it in for about ten minutes (use a shower cap) before rinsing and washing out the yogurt conditioner with shampoo. It is also seen that this swollen ankle, feet and legs problem is also due to kidney problems. Mostly this problem can be tacked using some warm water at home or using some old tried and tested treatments. But do you know the swollen legs and feet problem can also be relieved by using essential oils.

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