This holiday season seemed to be full of severe weather causing devastation across the Midwest United States. Tornado and storm shelters run the gamut from a simple basement or cement lined hole in the ground outfitted with food, water and first-aid items. I think these underground Tornado shelters are exactly what is needed to protect people from extreme weather.
My big concern is for instance if you had one of these really nice shelters along the Mississippi river over the last week. The Hardened Structures Team is comprised of separate engineering firms specializing in shelter design, and licensed general contractors located worldwide and throughout the United States. Our construction services can be tailored to the client specific needs to include full design build services or working with your general contractor. The Hardened Structures Team has successfully delivered shelter projects world-wide since 1991. Hardened Military Structures are designed to meet or exceed current Mil Spec and NATO Third generation standards. Hardened military structures are designed to withstand a wide range of threats including forced entry, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) attacks, ground shock, penetration, fragmentation, and damage to the structure and equipment due to explosive loading. The Hardened Structures balanced survivability approach ensures that no significant facility failure mode has been overlooked.
The Hardened Structures Team of specially designed engineers and general contractors has the specialized engineering know-how to undertake the world's most challenging Special Projects.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way - in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only. Hardened Structures is a Construction Program Management firm specializing in the confidential planning, design and covert construction of fortified homes, bomb shelters, underground shelters and homes with underground bunkers, survival shelters, bunkers and hardened military facilities.
As Worldwide providers of bomb shelter design and underground bunker construction expertise, the Hardened Structures Team understands that each risk situation is unique and requires a comprehensive threat assessment and asset assessment tailored to the client’s particular defensive and sustainability requirements. In the world of Hardened Structures construction, the importance of client confidentiality and project secrecy and security cannot be overstated.
Lots of people get the idea to build a storm shelter or bunker by burying a shipping container – it's fast, relatively inexpensive, and durable, right?A  Step 1) Dig a hole. Rather than rehashing an article that we previously published about using Gabion baskets to bury a shipping container, we strongly recommend that if you're going to bury a shipping container it's good idea to reinforce the sides with Gabion baskets.A  They're relatively inexpensive, and you can invite your friends over for a rock gathering party. If you need a new or used 20' or 40' container we're more than happy to help you find one.A  If you want help burying it in the ground you're on your own. Survival kit designed for the classroom with all of the necessary emergency supplies to prepare for any disaster. But don't waste your time and money constantly replacing unreliable store-bought items when you can get a kit designed by emergency preparedness experts to last and be ready when you need it. The Safety Lockdown ER™ Survival Kit comes with a 72-hour survival supply to prepare a classroom to evacuate or shelter-in-place for safety following a disaster.

With our money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you have purchased the most reliable survival kit on the market. Following a catastrophic disaster during school hours, students and school administrators may be stranded on campus for days to weeks until roads are cleared for safe driving.
Not only do you want to keep your students to be safe, but also it is your responsibility to take measures to protect your students from forgeable dangers such as natural disasters. School ER™ Survival Kits are designed to contain everything students and administrators need to survive for 3 days when confronted with an emergency disaster situation at school. FamilySAFE’s EF5 certified steel tornado shelters can be installed at your commercial work site to add comprehensive tornado protection for your workforce. Our storm shelters are made of welded steel, complete with a steel tubing safety cages, and have been tested and certified to withstand the forces of EF5 tornadoes. Our above ground storm shelters come in a variety of sizes, and have many customization options.
If you live in the Northeast, you should pretty well be used to winter storms, and much of this advice will be familiar.
I want you to test it out & add it in Tips with some additional info or perhaps a quick video of your own testing on this with some improvisations. The 12 tornadoes in Texas not only killed 11 people and caused billions of dollars in damage, but they destroyed several towns and thousands of homes. Some tornado shelters are much more luxurious and are actually tiny homes that can be placed underground. These galvanized, corrugated pipe shelters claim to have a 200 year lifespan and feature full bedrooms, bathrooms, several hatches and come in several diameters and lengths of up to 50 feet.
A prepper’s dream come true, these shelters can also have optional radiation detectors, camera surveillance, solar panels and 300 to 5,000 gallon water tanks. The cost is prohibitive for most people but if several families get together it could be made affordable. Third generation NATO hardened Aircraft Shelters are designed to meet NATO AASTP-1 and Mil Spec 188-125-1.
Our military structures include hardened aircraft hangers, ammunition storage facilities, and "Wonder Buildings" - a strong, space efficient earth-coverage system. These facilities are designed for sustainability with independent sources of power and water and incorporate numerous defensive and offensive capabilities.
Our design methodologies ensure that your facilities achieve a condition of Balanced Survivability where the shelter envelope, the shelter systems and subsystems all survive the same threat and the threat levels simultaneously ensuring there is no “Achilies Heel” in the design.
The container stores safely anywhere inside or outside your school and can be used for emergency sanitation purposes. If you find a kit of equal or greater value advertised for less, we will refund you the difference. And, if the school building suffers structural damage, students may be forced to shelter outdoors and endure the elements.

Failure to maintain standards of protection opens administrators up to liability if losses or injuries occur because of their failure to act. Our storm shelters can be installed inside or out, anywhere there is a quality concrete slab.
You can choose where to place the door, and our shelters can be networked together to form large capacity storm shelters. Tornado shelters are not always built as part of a contemporary home, but homeowners can build their own shelters if they live in a tornado prone area.
While many people may not be able to afford something this extravagant or want to live underground, these types of shelters can act as another home for several people in case primary homes are destroyed.
They can serve as a primary dwelling, vacation home, corporate retreat, long term shelter or expanded multi-function compound. FamilySAFE will work with you to create the ideal storm shelter for your location and occupancy needs. Pest control in the Tulsa area with the same level of customer service you've come to know from the FamilySAFE brand. Nemo is bearing down, so in case you haven’t thought of this before, here are some winter storm and blizzard survival tips.
In any event, bathroom breaks are going to be a pain, so even if you have a good emergency food supply in the vehicle, don’t over eat. At the worst, on the first nice day after the storm you can probably walk to a home or business and get help.
Whether it’s an office full of people, a school, or a large work crew, we can build the right safe room for you. But if you need to hit the grocery on short notice, go for staples — rice, beans, canned vegetables, and canned stew. Of course, if you’re in the boonies, that might not be so simple, showing how important it is to plan your routes ahead of time.
Of course, everyone will warn you not to heat your home with combustibles because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, but let Mayor Bloomberg get cold, and he’ll crank up the oven himself.
Make sure you have at least one gallon of water per person per day, and keep at least three days of water.
Between you and me, keep two weeks of water, but if you can’t do that, just be sure you have at least three days worth.

Items in a winter survival kit
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