I’ve looked high and low, explored the web, and have had lots of fun compiling and creating lists of stuff that I want to learn more about and share with you! Another camping hack is to wrap frozen burritos in foil, place them close to the camp fire and when you’re ready to eat grab one and dive in.
The mason jar tiki torch may not be allowed at some campgrounds, open flames need to be contained in a fire pit.
I am going to use a couple of these at work, like the pills and the bathroom organizer.genius. Anyone who has a small garden realizes their small garden space can be both a blessing and a curse. When your space is small, don’t feel that you have to shove a plant into every last square inch of ground.
We often tend to ignore certain spaces in a garden, and when you have a small yard to begin with, thats a waste. When our garden design must be limited due to space, one of the tricks of the trade is to use garden ornaments to add a little pizzazz and keep a simple space from looking boring. Lastly, remember when your space is small, to make it an extension of your indoor living space. 12 Creative DIY Compost Bin IdeasIf you are a gardener, chances are you have thought about starting a compost bin. 9 Clever DIY Ways for a Shady Backyard OasisIt's pretty tough to enjoy summer activities in a backyard that bakes in the afternoon heat. July 21, 2015 by Rachel 1 Comment As a mom of many, we spend a ton of time in the car going to the various events. Send yourself a  message in a bottle  to remind yourself of all the fun you are having on an outing together.
No more trying to dig coins out of a cup holder (not even to mention trying to clean the little bits of lint and crumbs that get stuck in the crevices. Create a kit for all the little things that you might need – ideas of things to add include antacids, nail clippers, extra cash, band-aids, Advil, etc. We have jumper cables in our car but the times my battery has been dead I have been lost as to how to connect the jumper cables  (affiliate). For those kids who figure out how to unbuckle their seats, but do it at all the wrong times, this trick is invaluable! Organize the car and all the kids towels and other items that come with activities using a magazine rack. Filed Under: DIY, Family Activities (all ages), Hacks, Kids Activities (by Age), Organize, Travel About RachelRachel is the founder of Quirky Momma and can now be found at the wildly successful blog, One Crazy House. Here are a few of the tips and tricks we have learned to organize our RV and we hope they can help you organize your traveling home on wheels.
Of course standard shoe boxes are always a great investment for organizing, but make sure it’s clear and comes with a lid.
A Lazy Susan with a lip and rubber to keep stuff from sliding around is surprisingly helpful in large cabinets, or in the fridge.
Is your RV still a hot mess?  Don’t worry, we’ll add more organizing tips as we find them.  Tell us your storage issues or favorite solutions in the comments below and we will try and cover them in the next update of Don’t Be a Hot Mess! We use peach crates turned on their side in our closet of our 5th wheel ~ just stack them up!
I love your ideas on organizing your RV especially the silicon on the bottom of the dishes.
My husband and I just lost our home to foreclosure and decided to turn the negative into a positive. Proper packaging is essential to protect and maintain the flavor, moisture content, color and nutritional value of food that is frozen. Plastic and glass containers are also available for freezing and work better than flexible packing for liquids.
Lego Key Holder – there are SO many ways you could customize this to fit your personality!!
Have a LEGO Necklace with all your friends, or if your a mom, with your kids favorite characters, laced around your neck. Create a lego light using a pattern of dark and transparent bricks – it looks super cool when lit!

Create some build-able bling, make rings of lego pieces and your kids can use the small pieces and embellish them!
If you like maps, graphs and statistics, you might *love* this 3D graphed map made from legos. Lego Mug – Now you can build with blocks, drink your coffee, and make the kids jealous! Minifigures are great to mix-and-match and create all-new characters to live in the pretend worlds your kids have created.Building Plates. There is a giant jar lego head that is perfect for storing not only legos but any toy collections. Create a rainbow as you learn the colors with your preschooler and match the legos to the stripes of color to create a 3D toy rainbow.
Make your own Lego Instruction book to help your kids learn to follow directions and copy patterns. Your kids can create stop animation using legos and a nifty software that LEGO has created.
Legos for multiplication – make math come alive by creating a 3D graph of the times tables.
Almost all of the tips and ideas in this post could be adapted to a party, but here are our favorite party hacks.
I am not a baker, but if I were, or had a pal who was, what a great way to 1) stay in the theme of legos with your “cake” and 2) portion control the sweets! Have a contest seeing who can build the biggest catapult from a set of bricks… and who can launch a marshmallow the farthest after it is completed!
For a fun party game, play a game of memory using LEGO cards, or hide them around the room and see who can find the most figures. For a fun twist to the lego man party favors – have the kids make a bed for their  lego mini-figures from a matchbox. Keep the small pieces out of reach for young tots with a bunk bed – top bunk is the lego zone! Totally impractical for the average family, but if you have access to one of those plastic printers, here are free LEGO instructions to make modular containers for your bricks. Best Small Lego Table – I love how it has storage in buckets on the side and a magnet strip for the small parts. Best Big Lego Table – We started small with our stash of legos… I think we will graduate to a table like this one soon!
What have your kids made with LEGOs (or you) – stop by our Facebook Page and share a photo – we would love to be inspired by YOU! Or if you’re an off roader, place them in the engine compartment next to the manifold and grab one when the truck stops for a break.
Solar powered lights work well at a campsite…lighting a pathway, steps to a trailer or sitting on a table and they can be moved around where needed, safely. Both times I did, the all the logs burned at the same time and I had a bonfire on my hands. Cursed because you just will not have all the room to plant every garden bloom and blossom you have ever admired.
Focus your attention in the space on a focal point, and create a design that simply points the way. It also serves to slow the eye down so that it doesn’t take in the small garden too quickly. Use hardscaping to create entertaining areas, and open those doors wide and let the spaces work together. No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project. As a longtime trained passenger safety advocate, I can tell you that people are often injured by projectiles in crashes. I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I do have a question does the silicon put off any toxic fumes when you use those dishes in the microwave? I'm thinking of becoming a full time RVer and used to be in the beauty industry so have tons of makeup and skin care stuff.

My husband & I (32 & 27) started watching you both for about 6 months now & finally decided that we want to travel for a year.
Select your container based on what is to be frozen, what is available and what works best for your. In addition to plastic wrap, freezer paper and heavy duty aluminum foil are also suitable for this type of freezing.
A variety of sizes are available with different closure types, the most popular being a zip style closure. Blessed because, from a design perspective, a small space is easier to design, maintain and even harvest! A police officer once told about an accident scene he’d been called to where a baby had been killed by a flying spoon!
I also use a tiered spice rack in my bathroom for everything for hairspray to saline, which makes my small counter space in the bathroom so much neater. With cloth organizers, I can alter them to fit if I need to and keep my clothes from slid-----ing down to the other end of the cabinet.
And I also have a tip of my own we have a very small bathroom in our RV and it doesn't have any room for hair brushes or anything to the kind so I hung up a over the door show organizer and cut it in half and hung it behind the toilet. Looks like you beat him to the punch, though ;) It works great for the glasses that I didn't want to trade for plastic!
So we found a 35ft travel trailer at an estate sale for $500 and are on our way to traveling the country.I gave up on the litter box having 3 dogs and 4 cats every inch counts so I potty trained my cats lol so much better than cleaning litter and saves a fortune. We purchased our RV about a month ago & are starting the organizing the RV now before we head out in March! Vegetables and fruits should be frozen in smaller containers, no larger than one-half gallon. This method is perfect for irregular shaped foods, as the packaging can be as large or small to completely wrap the food. If you are unable to find the tempered jars and opt to use standard canning jars, be sure to leave extra head space to allow for the expansion of the freezing contents.
But if you are looking at your small garden space and are confused as to where to start, here are some great design tips to help you create a special space just for you. Thank god I found your tips, it saved me as for storing all our clothes, keep those fabulous tips coming. The larger the container the slower the freezing process, this can adversely affect the quality of the food.
Remember, if you plant closely like this, you need to compensate with extra water and fertilizer throughout the season. I also keep Kleenex in a vinyl zipper pouch- safer than a box, keeps the tissues clean and won’t get crushed- win-win. It is easy to have a weather proof hidden key outside your home to make sure you can always get inside. We don't want to do something obvious like put it under the door mat, but we want it as close to the door as we can. I know you can buy fake-looking rocks to put a key in, but I was wondering if anyone has any free ideas! It had been there at least ten years, and we had to wait for mother to return home to let us in! I had several experiences of climbing in windows in the cooler months and disturbing neighbors to call my daughter on several occasions, and finding out that this is just a flaw in my lock. Now I have a hidden spare key on the inside of the door to my outside laundry room that has a secret combination and holds a spare key. To remember the combination, I put it down as a phone number and put the number in my storage unit. However, to tell the location of a well-hidden key for a 911 call may not be easy, especially by the person who may be in need of emergency personnel.

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