So over the past few years i have been reading alot about food plots and it has really given me a whole new interest to go along with hunting. One day I was in shopping around for some seed and came across a bag of throw and grow for 14$. On this particular piece of property we also put in a 2 acre plot loaded up with winter pea's, chicory, soybean and wheat. I knew that the deer had been moving through there alot, but I really needed to do something that would grab their attention and perhaps even bring a few more deer my way.

So we cleared of the road, whacking downs all of the ferns and weeds in our way, my girlfriend followed behind and got all the rocks and roots she could.
Anyways it came in beautifully and my trail came had a tonnnn of nice pictures of deer feeding in it.
That same weekend I went down to my local feed store and bought a small amount of chicory and clover and over seeded it again because I was expecting rain that evening. A few hours later as the other guys were finishing up with their food plot they had some left over lime, so we took 50 pounds of lime and spread it out all over the plot.

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