Take the burgeoning field of positive psychology, which seeks to lead us on the path to exceptional mental health, not just freedom from disorder. There are as many opinions on how to find happiness as there are scientists and researchers. Helping othersA doesna€™t necessarily mean donating millions to charity or volunteering for fifty hours a week. Begin your meditation by sitting in a comfortable position, either on the floor with your legs crossed and your hands sitting loosely in your lap, or sitting up straight in a chair with your legs uncrossed, feet on the floor, and hands resting in your lap. Once you are seated, close your eyes and take two or three deep cleansing breathes, and then begin counting each breath going from one to ten.
The basic method outlined above can provide a good basis for deepening the practice of loving kindness. If we are torn by resentment, self-blame, frustration or any other poisonous emotions, we cannot give in a positive way with others. Furthermore, the exercise of reflecting on all in our lives for which we are grateful can provide an enriching precursor to loving kindness practice. This part of the mindful practice presents its own unique challenge — that of feeling loving kindness to someone whom we are indifferent towards. It can help to spend a few moments to imagine what this persona€™s life is like, to foster a sense of your shared experience. Ita€™s worth bearing in mind that the only effect of holding negative feelings is to hurt yourself. If it feels appropriate, you may wish to consciously bring to mind any ignored positive qualities of this person or to adopt their point of view. This meditation, practiced regularly, can develop in us an attitude to life that is infinitely beneficial to our emotional well-being, peace of mind, and joy. Barrie is a bestselling author with 10 books and counting, and teaches others how to publish and market their books at Authority Pub Academy. We believe that educated and informed HR professionals positively impact the HR profession and the organizations we serve. Knowledge transfer refers to the systems used by a company to spread knowledge from one part of an organization to another. The biggest challenges to effective knowledge transfer are a lack of resources and the lack of a formalized transfer approach. While technology can be very helpful in fostering effective knowledge transfer, it is important to follow best practices and use technology to increase the ease of knowledge transfer.
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This symbol, representing the unfurling New Zealand fern frond, is something I referred to at the start of this school year as I met with the Greystone staff at our school start-up retreat. Successful implementation of Parkland School Division’s new process based report card. No matter how demanding things became at work or how challenging it was to deal with my mom’s health emergencies and ongoing rehabilitation this year, I made time for get-aways that recharged my battery.
I also want to share ideas that cause me to question, explore and build my knowledge as it relates to Inspiring Action in Education and how I, along with my amazing team at Greystone, can continue to make the dream of meeting the needs of today's learners a reality in our school community. The other major balance came in figuring out how, when, and what of the film to release in promotion before the movie itself. The Force Awakens, of course, is the first in a new trilogy, and Abrams said he has had meetings with Rian Johnson, who is helming Episode VIII, and showed him an early cut of the film to help him on his way into production; some preliminary scenes for that film, due out in May 2017, have already been shot.
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Cable Operators’ Association (COA), is a unique organization born out of the necessity of the individual small scale cable operators to survive and thrive in an intensively competitive atmosphere and face the onslaught of large MSOs and pay channels in an already small business basket.
They tend to prefer salt water due to the fact that there are so many species found in the major oceans out there.
It is believed that there are many locations out there where other species of squid live as well. Hopefully as new methods of research become available though we will be able to learn about them.
Students and teachers are allowed to use this information for school projects and homework.

BioExpedition Mailing ListReceive information about animals, environment, nature and our planet. Yet one simple dictum has been cited again and again in ancient wisdom and modern science: if you want to feel happier, do more for others.
Rather, it can involve approaching life with a fresh generosity of spirit, a simple giving-ness that is its own joy. You might wish to do progress through all stages or just one, dwelling on each for seconds or minutes. Especially in Western culture, where we are bombarded by images of a€?ideala€? people in all we see and hear, it is easy to feel inadequate.
Bring to mind a person to whom you wish to send loving kindness and consider their positive qualities — the light of goodness you see in them. It is unusual not to harbor some kind of feeling to a person we know, even if the acquaintance is only a slight one.
Keep in mind the fact that all human beings, knowingly or unknowingly, are acting in accordance with what they believe will make them happy. How you adapt the practice to your personal circumstances is ultimately up to you, but it remains at its heart a deeply enlivening and potentially transformative process. She is a certified coach, and online teacher with several online courses on finding your passion, building confidence, and creating good habits.
To that end, we are proud to provide HR blog posts that keep you both educated and entertained. Knowledge transfer is most critical when new employees have been hired or when internal aspects of an organization have changed. Organizations often feel that there are not enough employee hours to dedicate to knowledge transfer and that there is not enough money in the budget to dedicate to developing a formalized knowledge transfer approach.
Simply relying on an acquired software program without making efforts to ensure that knowledge transfer systems are successful will ordinarily not be effective. I am grateful for the flexibility, determination and support of so many individuals who were ready to do whatever it takes to move forward, together, with hope in the promise of new beginnings. Comments throughout the report cards emphasize the development of perseverence, problem-solving, making connections, thinking critically, asking questions, taking risks, reflecting, assessing self and peers, providing descriptive feedback, improving work based on feedback – WOW!!! I travelled to watch my son play hockey, I headed out of town with my running buddies for some road races, and I managed to escape the cold for some down time with my husband during the breaks.
When I am keeping myself in balance and have made time to laugh some, play some and learn some every day, I have the ability to handle anything that comes my way – all I need to do is trust my inner compass to do what is right.
I am inspired, daily, by the passion and energy for learning that I see from the staff and students at Greystone. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
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At the same time we will be able to document more areas that the squid have claimed to be part of their natural habitat. One form of conservation for these other animals may be to relocate them to areas where there is plenty of squid. So a€?metta bhavanaa€? means the a€?cultivation of loving kindness.a€? Loving kindness itself can be defined as judgmental, compassionate acceptance and awareness of ourselves and others.
We may find it beneficial to begin by naming any hurtful feelings in ourselves, before bringing to them the gaze of kindness.
Ita€™s likely, then, that whoever we choose is only a passing figure in our life — a store clerk, the mailman, or someone we pass on the street. Notice where in your body this feeling manifests and breathe awareness and peace into that place. I prefer to visualize rays of loving kindness emanating from my body in all directions as I say the phrases above.
Having an effective system for knowledge transfer in place can help organizations to continue to survive and thrive after older employees retire and systems are updated. Most organizations utilize some type of coaching or mentoring program to facilitate knowledge transfer and ensure its success.

However, failing to dedicate ample resources to knowledge transfer may result in the decline of the company once knowledgeable employees retire.
While acquiring an appropriate information system can be costly, the system can help to increase the efficiency of the organization’s knowledge transfer, which can improve operations and eventually revenues.
This can waste a tremendous amount of time and money without improving the company’s knowledge transfer methods. Now, ten months later, as I look back on an incredibly challenging year, I recognize that my ability to live out the words represented by the Koru symbol have enabled me to not only survive the year – but to thrive. I reminded myself to continue to spend time doing what I love with the most important people in the school – the students. I have been tested on this often this year – tough decisions needed to be made and courageous conversations needed to happen. In addition to sharing some behind-the-scenes shots, which you can see in the gallery below, Abrams talked about capturing the excitement and feel of the original trilogy and bringing it into today’s world. This collective movement is proud to launch Kerala Vision Channel primarily in IPTV content for bringing everyone under one Single Roof. Some of them thrive in the warm tropic waters while others do much better in water that is at a lower temperature.
In the Northern Pacific squid have been identified from the North Pacific starting at the Bering Sea all the day to the Sea of Japan.
It is the younger squid that tend to be at the surface as well as some of the different species. Some of these areas are very remote too which means it is extremely difficult to get in there and to record information. That could mean the difference for them between extinction and the ability to increase their numbers.
We begin with loving ourselves, for unless we haveA a measure of this unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves,A it is difficult to extend it to others. I was fortunate enough to learn the value of not always seeing meditation as a fixed thing.
I always like to keep the phrase, a€?As best I can,a€? in mind if the hurt runs particularly deep.
This is especially crucial as the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age, as many organizations are beginning to see scores of employees retire. While this is often cited as the most effective means of knowledge transfer, it is not always possible to overlap new employees with older employees.
Having an information system in place can also help keep all information organized, current, and relevant. Highlights included skiing in the mountains and at Rabbit Hill, running in Vancouver and zip-lining at Camp Nakamun with our Greystone kids. Then COA launched KCCL (Kerala Communicators Cable Limited), a completely indigenous network of Malayalees, with world class technology, for providing digital signals all over the state in the banner Kerala vision Digital TV.
They are also found very near the bottom of the ocean floor where they can be undetected most of the time. It is the fact that they aren’t always so easily visible that many people don’t realize they exist in the area where they are.
Come to view them not as a stranger to you, but as someone who could be your friend or part of your family. It can also prove beneficial to start with someone who you find only mildly antagonistic, graduating to more difficult people from there.
When technology is used to facilitate knowledge transfer, geographic barriers are also eliminated and it is easier to attain consistency across the organization, no matter how far apart company locations may be. Diving deep into the waters, many divers have been able to locate their natural environment.

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