That brings us to the gun – a weapon that made the bow more or less obsolete, and did so quickly.
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You won’t need it just for protection, but also to make sure that you have ready access to meat.
Sure, you can shoot all of your arrows – but you can make more, so long as you have access to wood. A traditional bow is a very specialized weapon, and one that takes quite a bit of training to use. The gun has all the killing power of a bow and arrow, but in a compact form that is easy enough for even a novice to use effectively. While the weapon itself is actually a fine point, most of the issues have to do with the person who is making the draw.

Making arrows is a skill, of course, but one that takes far less time to learn than making bullets. Hitting a still target takes a good deal of skill, while hitting a moving target is even harder.
Choosing a gun as a survival weapon seems like a no-brainer for most, but there are drawbacks to using guns. The distance on a rifle puts the distance on a bow to shame, especially if you have a scope – something that makes killing from a distance quite easily.
Female, 20s, world traveler, published wildlife photographer, wolfdog owner, canine foster mom, running a mini-farm in Oregon. Both weapons have their pros and cons, and knowing what you’ll be able to use if you are in an emergency situation is a great way to start preparing yourself. If you’re going to consider a bow or a crossbow as your primary survival weapon, it is important that you take a bit of time to consider both the benefits and drawbacks of this ancient piece of technology. Bows are also a silent weapon, perfect for hunting or for protecting yourself against people who wish you harm.

A crossbow is a bit easier to use, but you trade off better accuracy for speed – something that can be lethal in a survival situation.
Not only do you have to consider exactly how you’ll get your hands on a weapon in some areas, but you have to consider how you will maintain it. Firearms also have the ultimate level of stopping power available to a civilian, allowing you to take down almost any target – if you want to survive, having a gun available is going to help. Even a silencer only suppresses noise, which means that a missed shot can spook prey or give up your location. Finally, guns take a good deal of maintenance, and those who are not careful will find themselves toting around a heavy piece of metal instead of something that’s useful.

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