Almost everyone has a first aid kit in their vehicles and medicine cabinets, but does it have all the items recommended? It is my intention to start with list one from the red cross and then compare what I have and update it with the other lists! Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it.
When Ondoy struck us last year, I did a post on preparing a Go-Bag A go-bag is essentially a bag that contains all your family’s essentials that you keep in a safe place at your house so that when disaster strikes, you can grab the bag and just GO!. Before I begin building a new go-bag for this season, one thing I want to have right now is a first aid kit. Of course, you can add more like Iodine, Calamine lotion, bug spray, bandages, cotton balls and other special medicines and items that your family might need.
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You can get this kit or other versions of this kit from mercury and other drugstores ?? great idea on the lighter!!

First-Aid supplies should be a good part of your emergency kit, easily accessibly and mobile to bring with you in case you must move to another location. When it comes to handling medical emergencies at home you’ve got to be prepared for anything. Just be sure you include any specific medications that you know you need on a daily basis or that you feel you most probably might need for any sporadic issues you or your group may have. Mother nature doesn’t give us notice and we never know where we might be when disaster strikes or an injury can occur. However, we will never link you to a site that requires you to make any purchase or join anything to view the article. To those who’ve joined the ongoing diaper bag giveaway, I want to thank you guys again!!
We have a basic go-bag in the trunk of our car but last time I checked it had 2 bags of Pee-Wee and a bottle of mineral water. I bought a transistor radio so that we could still hear the news during blackouts but that still needs batteries (I’ll take a pic of it soon).

I agreed to the partnership given that our family has been using Unilab products for the longest time now.
This is where I share my fun finds, reviews, super easy recipes and my musings on parenthood in general. The problem is, most commercially available first aid kits are actually of little use, and cost way more than they provide. Please know that I will not be involved in any partnership that conflicts with my own beliefs and that will compromise my family’s welfare. The truth is, when confronted with a laceration, for example, you’d do better to use a clean dish cloth to apply pressure to the wound.
What items are you most likely to need in the most probable emergency situation you might face?

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