C’est le projet realise par un certain salexp sur le forum officiel de Minecraft, une map monde entierement reproduite dans Minecraft.
Vous pouvez soit vous rendre sur le post dediee a cette map sur le forum officiel, ou telecharger directement la map.
A survival map with a premise very similar to SkyBlock, in this map you spawn on a floating island, surrounded by four pillars. It is a very fun and challenging map that really forces you to play Minecraft in a whole new way, where you really gotta use your resources right, or else you won’t get far.

The map comes in two variations, the normal version, and the extra hard and challenging Tekkit version, both with their own set of challenges. Plenty of challenges to do in the normal version, with even more available in the harder Tekkit version. Spawning might bug, so it is important to use a bed as soon as possible, or you might not be able to respawn back on the island if you die.
Le rendu, vous en jugerez vous-meme est tout simplement exceptionnel, et la carte est meme disponible en telechargement pour ceux qui voudraient la jouer.

The goal for you is now to see how long you can survive, how much you can build and how well you can do for yourself on this island surrounded by pillars. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.

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