Fallout 3 locations projectThis article is within the scope of the Fallout 3 locations project. Rivet City is a settlement established inside a derelict aircraft carrier in the Capital Wasteland. Before the war, the ship that ultimately became Rivet City was a massive aircraft carrier dry-docked.[1] at the Washington Naval Yard.
The settlement prospered and Pinkerton held his seat on the council as science officer until 2258, when Madison Li and her science team arrived at Rivet City after abandoning Project Purity, after the man in charge abandoned the project.
Far from egalitarian, the society of the City is quite distinctly divided into two classes: the Hangar Deck denizens, the lower class, and Upper Deck citizens, the upper class. Rivet City is located in the south-eastern corner of the Capital Wasteland, near Jefferson Memorial and Anacostia.
The city is divided roughly across the decks of the carrier, which make up the aforementioned districts.
Further below is the midship deck (yellow), where the bulk of the city's inhabitants live, and which hosts the Capitol Preservation Society, and Saint Monica's Church.
A special mention has to go to the Rivet City science lab, located in the aft hangar of the carrier.
Rivet City is one of the most populous settlements in the wastes, with a large security force.
Rivet City residents will react to the destruction of Raven Rock and the player's mischief inside the city.
Rivet City is one of the Bradley-Hercules potential targets, but due to the satellite's malfunctioning engines, the trajectory needed to fire on the carrier cannot be reached.

Killing Rivet City citizens will result in an extra slide being displayed during the ending, though it will be overriden by either blowing up Megaton or burning Harold. While the ending where FEV is installed in the Purifier implies a widespread contagion on the carrier, killing off most of its population, it's almost perfectly fine in Broken Steel. PlayStation 3 "Doctor Li's Terminal" does not appear in game, it is not on the desk it should be on. The vessel employed a CATOBAR (Catapult Assisted Take-Off But Arrested Recovery) system for launching and recovering navalized fighter jets. Around 2237, remnants of the Naval Research Institute under the lead of Horace Pinkerton were looking for new lab space and found the ship, establishing the Rivet Station Science Outpost after clearing out the mirelurks. Li quickly took over Pinkerton's science teams, with the prospect of reactivating Project Purity as incentive. It is only accessible via a retractable bridge, connecting to a small steel platform erected on the shore (also inhabited by Carlos the beggar).
The topmost is the bridge tower (blue), sitting on the flight deck, which is the headquarters of the Rivet City police force and thus the military district. Further down is the lower deck, occupied entirely by The Muddy Rudder, a rough place where the least well-off live and spend their time. It is the heart of the scientific endeavors of the city, including hydroponic farming, water purification, and energy research.
It guards wears black security uniforms with police helmets and are armed with 10mm submachine gun. Furthermore, the damage to the built-up peninsula is only possible with plenty of force applied.

Its inhabitants live in individual rooms and enjoy the safety and security provided by the massive hull. Starboard aircraft elevators allowed for easy stowage and deployment of these aircraft from the sizable hangar located below the deck. For years to come they would use the intact science bay as the nucleus of their science efforts.[3] By April 2239, a burgeoning civilian settlement sprung up around the station on the carrier.
Furious, Pinkerton left the city into self-imposed exile in the broken-off bow.[6] What made him particularly angry was the fact that the shift in focus prevented work on more meaningful project, like defensive systems or even making the carrier seaworthy. Since they also live close to Mirelurk-infested decks, they run the constant risk of being killed by rampaging monsters, should the security team lapse in their attempts to exterminate the monsters. Horace Pinkerton, one of the original founders of Rivet City, has retired to it in self-imposed exile. They are responsible for enforcing the law on board the carrier and protect the settlement from stray raiders, super mutants, mirelurks and other undesirables. In addition to a sizable fleet of fighters, the carrier was also equipped with a nuclear reactor, desalinization facilities, and on-board hydroponic farms in the aft sections, allowing it to function independently for extended amounts of time. From the bridge gate one can access the Rivet City marketplace (purple), located in a converted aircraft hangar, and the stairwell, connecting the four main districts of the carrier. However, the ship was abandoned in the wake of the Great War, most likely after it was beached following a collision with the peninsula south of the naval yard.

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